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Tips for Proposing Marriage in Public

More and more guys out there want to make a show of it when they propose to their girlfriends, and who can blame them? When that wonderful moment finally comes, of course you’re going to want to share it with the world.


In addition, it’s a great way to impress your future wife and to ensure that your proposal lives on in memory. Here are just a few things to keep in mind to make the big day as magical as it ought to be.

1. Consider what she wants.

Most women would be thrilled to have their boyfriends propose to them in a public setting, but it is important that you take your girlfriend’s individual needs into consideration. Is she very shy or awkward in public? Are there some public environments where she would be happy and relaxed, versus others where she would be tense and nervous? When deciding on the venue, consider how she will feel being proposed to in such a place. You know your girlfriend’s personality the best, so all it will take is a bit of reflection on your part to find the perfect location.

2. Plan ahead.

The importance of thoroughly planning out a public proposal cannot be stressed enough. The more planning you do, the more easily everything will go off without a hitch. If your proposal will involve a venue, call them early on to find out what they can offer you (and whether they have rules for this kind of thing). If your scheme will involve special materials, don’t wait until the last minute to get them. And keep careful track of that diamond ring!

3. Get some allies.

If you know that they can keep a secret, enlist your friends to help you. The more people there are supporting you, the more smoothly everything will go. This is especially important if your plan is elaborate or will involve exact timing. Much like planning a surprise party, swear everyone to secrecy and make sure that you only ask people who are responsible to help you out. Once you finally propose, being surrounded by friends and loved ones will make it more delightful for your girlfriend, too!

4. Have contingencies.

No matter how carefully you plan it out, it’s better to always assume that something will go wrong. Do not plan your public proposal so that it can only work out a single way. Be flexible in your plans whenever possible so that you can reapply them to a changing situation. And don’t stress out! Your girlfriend loves you, and she won’t care if every little detail isn’t perfect. Focus on the big things: once those are in place, you won’t have to worry.

5. Be certain she’ll say yes.

This is the most important point of all! The very last thing you want is to be that guy in a video that ends up on FailBlog, hanging his head in shame as his girlfriend leaves the room. If you’re not sure about how committed your relationship is, do not plan an elaborate public proposal, hoping to impress her into saying yes. This can and will backfire horribly. A proposal can’t fix any real issues between the two of you, so be sure that you’ve talked through your problems and that both of you are on the same page. You’ll know when your relationship is in the right place, and then you can plan to pop the question!

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