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Marriage Proposal Speeches

A marriage proposal speech is as important as the purpose. Accompanied by the famous question “Will you marry me”, the words mean a lot to the lady in question.

Marriage is obviously the next stop in the journey of life with your beloved, but proposing it to your dear one is an important task. It’s a one time opportunity and you surely want to make it memorable with your speech. It’s not a tough job to prepare a speech if you are truly in love.

A few guidelines will help you create one with ease. Write a thoughtful speech by following the guidelines or just speak your mind with a view to propose your darling for a blissful marital life. This is the opportunity to express your feelings to your dear one.

Guidelines for Marriage Proposal Speeches

There are a few things to keep in mind while formulating a lovely marriage proposal speech. You want your delivery to be the best one and would want it to be remembered for life.

Don’t you? Well, all you need is a heart filled with love for your significant someone and some lines to add magic to the purpose. Here are a few guidelines that will help you make a splendid proposal speech for wedding.

Pick from the Memories:

Memories play a great hand when it comes to writing a truly romantic and thoughtful speech for your lady love. The days and nights of togetherness bring you the right words that will help you make a speech that astounds your sweetheart. You may have missed telling her few things that she must know. Going back to your good old days when she was a friend to you. Recall those days when she stood by you and cared for you being more than a friend. The journey she took from being a true companion to your beloved. Pour your thoughts about that journey in few words while you propose marriage to this lady love of yours.

Note your thoughts:

You may miss telling the most important thing to her. So, why take the risk? Note down all your thoughts. She needs to know your true feelings for her at least at the time you propose. Before asking her hand for marriage, let this special person know how much she means to you. To miss nothing you will have to note down all your thoughts step by step. List your reasons to marry her. Now, that you know what makes her your perfect wife, you somewhere close to the speech.

Avoid Jargons and Lengthy Deliveries:

Making it short and simple is the mantra. Write it with a view to impress and not to bore. You may have loads to tell but keep it short and impressive. Let your beloved know what place she holds in your life and why she is the one. If you feel that your speech may get lengthy, you can write a beautiful love letter, which she can read after you have proposed her with a ring. The speech however needs to be a concise one.

The Golden Words:

Yes! Now is the time to give out the words that she is waiting to hear from you. The question that your beloved would love to hear from you is “Will you marry me?” When the moment arrives and you drop on one of your knees, raising your hand with the ring she may get emotional, ecstatic, giddy, excited or tensed. Wait till the words reach her. Save the best for the last and let these words conclude your marriage proposal speech.

Be Audible and Sensitive:

You may be nervous from inside. Don’t worry. Girls find it cute. No matter what, be the man she wants to see. Chances are that you may forget some of the lines that you have prepared all these days. When the moment comes, just say what your heart wants to say and your well prepared speech will not be required. The spontaneous flow of emotions is the treasure that she will preserve for the rest of her life. No matter what you say on the day, make sure to say it aloud and with confidence. Do not fiddle or express your nervousness. Be sure of what you speak and the magic will take its own course.

The perfect words may not come to you, but that’s the fun of being in love with someone. There is nothing perfect about love and yet everything seems so perfect. Marriage proposal speeches are the best ways to enchant your beloved with words that promise to linger in fond memories for life. Let your speech be the best one and your words act as the cupid’s arrow, wounding your beloved and making her yours forever.

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