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Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Love is in the air and the time is just right to make a romantic marriage proposal to your beloved.So, what is stopping you? Perhaps it’s the perfect idea to make the occasion a romantic and blessed one. Well! We have the solution.Take a look at some of the ways that will make your marriage proposal a romantic one.

Best Romantic Marriage Proposals

Most of the time women complain about their wedding proposal. Their partners have not made the occasion a romantic one. To stay away from the same category, you can incorporate some of the ways for romantic marriage proposals.

  1. Blindfold your darling and bring her/him to a room decorated for the purpose. Decorate the room with red heart shaped balloons. Let the walls of the room tell it. Let the fragrance in the room say it. Open his/her blindfold and give a pin to discover a love note in each balloon. Let the person discover the ring on the dinner table along with a bouquet of red roses.

  2. Present a prince/princess like dress to your dear one before executing the rest of the plan. You will yourself dress as the royals. Take your beloved on a carriage trip to a beautiful garden. This is where you propose your darling by getting on your knees and presenting the ring.

  3. Another romantic way of proposing your loved one is by sky writing “will you marry me” using a plane. To execute this plan you will have to take your dear one on a picnic date. Arrange for a plane and pilot to air write the message after he gets your signal and just wait for the moment. Let your sweetheart get the most pleasant surprise of his/her life. Keep the ring ready and produce it after the air marriage proposal is made.

  4. This plan will require some effort. You will have to write the golden words on the sand using the sand, pebbles or shells before your beloved arrives at the location for the surprise. Get an oyster shell, which will have the ring inside. Keep it all ready. Let your darling walk on rose petals till the sandy location that says “will you marry me”. Produce the oyster shell containing the ring as soon as your darling says a “yes” to the marriage proposal.

  5. Letting the big news out on the ad space in a movie hall is surely a romantic way of proposing your beloved when he/she is least expecting. By spending just a little, you can tell your darling that you are waiting to enter into the blissful relationship as a better half. Propose marriage in front of everyone present at the movie hall by producing the ring after your message comes on the screen.

  6. Flowers can spread true magic. Use this magic to propose marriage to the person you love. If you have the keys to her room, you can pick her favorite flowers and decorate the room. You can add a special touch to the occasion by using scented candles as trails to the main location in the house that says “will you marry me” in red roses. Gift a lovely bouquet with the ring box hidden in it. Let your beloved discover it and accept your romantic marriage proposal with joy.

  7. If you are not getting enough time to make a marriage proposal to your beloved, utilize the little time you have in an innovative way. Send your darling romantic messages through his/her colleagues. You can choose tiny tokens of love such as a cute teddy bear with a love note hanging on its collar, a rose bouquet with a note and chocolate box with a romantic message. Wait until your darling receives all the love tokens. Send a big balloon with the words “will you marry me” painted on it to your darling’s window and ask him/her to watch it. Produce the ring in front of the office and see the joy in beloved’s eyes.

  8. What can be more romantic than proposing marriage to your dear while sailing? Choose to cruise and throw a luxurious wedding proposal or just sail on a boat with your sweetheart for the occasion. Decorate the boat with heart shaped balloons and take your beloved on a pleasant journey, which is about to change his/her life forever. When in the middle of the lake/river you can read out a romantic poem or sing a song like “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge and bring out a single red rose with a ring. Now, propose your darling saying “You are the best thing that has happened to me and the best that will ever happen to me. Will you marry me?” Wait for the answer and put the ring.

  9. Another romantic way to propose your beloved for marriage is by planning a fireworks night. On a clear night you can paint the words “will you marry me” with the help of fire crackers. Let the sky shout it out to your beloved and the light breeze add magic to the occasion. Put the ring on your beloved’s finger and express your love in the most romantic way.

Romantic marriage proposals are sure to bring success and get stored in the fond memories of your darling for life.

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