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Best Marriage Proposal Ideas

It may seem like a simple question but telling it to someone you love is not a child’s play. Yes! You got it right. The famous question of “will you marry me” may actually drive you crazy when you have to tell it to your sweetheart.


Now that you have finally gathered the nerve to do it, just go for it. This is a one time opportunity and you must utilize it to the fullest.Choose the best marriage proposal idea and make this occasion a memorable one.


Top Marriage Proposal Ideas

Your marriage proposal needs to be a good one so that your sweetheart relishes its memories for the rest of her life. For this wish to come true, you can incorporate some of the marriage proposal ideas.

Hot Air Balloon

This is an exciting way to propose marriage to your beloved. Let her not expect it. Take her on a long drive to the shore, which has the hot air balloon service and blindfold her. Guide her into the vessel. Let the hot air balloon be decorated with red heart shaped balloons. With her favorite music playing on the background, you can open her blindfold to a world above the rest. This is where you take the ring and put it on her finger saying “will you marry me”. Come down and continue the drive with your beloved to a beautiful place where you can celebrate the rest of the day.

Sports Stadium

She is not too fond of sport and sport events and you know it well. This time annoy her little only to please her at the end. Take her to a sports auditorium and make her watch a match. During the interval, let the display boards flash your proposal telling “will you marry me -------?” This is sure to sweep her off her feet. As soon as she notices it along with the world present there, bend on your knees and present the ring to her. What can be more unique than a marriage proposal idea like this?

Video Message

A video message is yet another way to make your marriage proposal. Without spending much you can make a CD telling how much you love your sweetheart and that you want to spend your life with her. Propose her and give a ring to her in the video. Just when she has finished watching the video, make sure to visit her place personally propose her with the same ring.

On Birthday

A birthday is perhaps the best occasion to choose for a purpose like this. The best gift to be given on a day like this is a promise of togetherness for life. Being her beloved you must certainly give her this precious present on the day that she was born. She will remember it for life and so will others. In a party or discreetly, pop this question and raise a ring to her. She will love it for sure.

On the Flight

If you have not proposed marriage to your darling yet and are waiting to do it, here’s the chance. While traveling with your sweetheart on the plane, request the flight authorities to announce some romantic lines from your side to your loved one. While she is busy listening to it along with other passengers, bend on your knees, raise the ring to her and say “Will you be my wife?”

In a Shopping Mall

She loves shopping. Doesn’t she? Well, you know where to propose marriage to her. Yes! It’s at her second home; the shopping mall. Make necessary arrangements prior to visit. While she is busy shopping, just vanish. When she comes searching for you, make an announcement for her to be at the ground floor at the centre of the mall, which has red and white colored balloons all around. Drop flowers on her from the top and let all the LCD TV’s in the mall display your marriage proposal and some romantic lines for her. With a romantic music being played in the background, you appear in front of her for the final show. Like the traditional lover, raise a ring and ask her hand for marriage.

Through a Performer

This is a simple yet interesting way of proposing marriage to your significant someone. Hire local artists or well known artists if you can afford to and ask them to dedicate all their performances to your lady love. At the end, let them dedicate a song to her from you. This is when you propose your sweetheart for marriage and wait for her answer.

While Swimming

Your beloved will surely enjoy this as a marriage proposal idea. While swimming together, arrange for some champagne and a romantic song to be played in the background. Pour her the champagne and let her find the ring in the bottom of her glass. Propose marriage to her and promise to be with her for life.


Comic strip
Create your very own comic strip. Draw the story of your love with cute characters and culminate the ‘will you marry me?’ question at the end. You can also create a website with your love story. You can take up a story line which will hint to your own situation, otherwise, she may find problems in associating with the story and your efforts will lose the cause. Make a comic strip which is simple yet touching and which will force her to say ‘yes’ to your proposal.

Say it with puppets. You can now order for custom designed puppets to represent you and your partner. Make a storyline and create a film with the characters. Keep it a simple but sweet story. Try and keep the characters based on your own so that she can identify easily. At the end of your story make your character to propose to his partner and show how they have lived happily ever after.

Harry Potter
Is she a die-hard Potter enthusiast? Then you can surprise her by hiding the engagement ring in a Harry Potter book. Buy a ticker Harry Potter book and cut a box into the book and hide the ring there. However, you may also buy another copy of the same book to present her latter. Present her the book with the ring and let her find your surprise. Once she accepts your proposal gift the undamaged copy of the book to her.

Christmas proposal
Christmas is a very good time to propose. You can make the Christmas special by proposing her over the Christmas. Put the engagement ring in a gift box and hang it no the Christmas tree. Tease her to find the special gift for her.

Another option is to hide the engagement ring inside a gift box and then hide it inside successive layers of boxes. Now, let her open the boxes. She will obviously think that the present is large and hence, it will be fun as she will peel off the layers. Get down to your knee when she reaches the last box and ask the question.

Play a trivia game
Play a trivia game with your sweetheart. Ask each other questions on small things that you have enjoyed together. When your turn comes simply ask her the question-‘will you marry me?’. She no doubt will be surprised but at the same time it may make her most emotional.

Make a film
You can make yourself the main protagonist of the film. Don’t disclose to her in advance what you intend to do. You can also involve your friends and her parents as well in the idea. Show yourself talking to her father asking him for permission to marry his daughter. You can also mix a part of the film with reality and propose her at the climax of the film.

Treasure hunt
You can also plan a treasure hunt for your sweetheart to find the ring. Leave messages and clues for her with which she will look for the hidden treasure. You can also add notes which will increase her curiosity at the same time. Be present at the final destination when she reaches there and propose by going down on your knees.

Leave notes
You can leave notes for her to find scattered around your house with each containing messages why you love her. She can spend her day picking up the messages. This will make her feel special. On the last note you can add that for all these reasons you want to marry her.

Propose with chocolate
Does she love chocolate? Then you can propose her the sweet way with chocolate. Buy a boxful of chocolate of her favorite flavor and replace one chocolate with the ring. When she opens the box to find the ring, get down to your knees to finish the job. This is a romantic but simple way to ask the big question to your girlfriend.

Twitter and Facebook have now become the new mode of communication. Then why not use them to ask your question? Twitter is increasingly becoming the favorite medium for the lovers to announce their loves. The first marriage proposal in Twitter happened in 2008 when Greg Rewis had popped the big question to Stephanie Sullivan. You too can seal the deal by proposing your sweetheart over Twitter.

The bigger is better. Hence, bigger is the size of your proposal better are the chances that your girlfriend will like it. There are now many agencies available that will let you write your message on the sky. If you are really considering asking the question to her in grand fashion then skywriting can be your option.

The world is full of unique marriage proposals which the romantic hearts have devised to coax their girlfriends to marry them. You too may follow your heart to make your marriage proposal special for your sweetheart.

By incorporating some of these excellent marriage proposal ideas you are sure to get success and create memories to be cherished fondly for life.

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