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Funny Marriage Proposals

Marriages are made in heaven but the toughest part is proposing one to someone you love or intend to spend the life with. To tackle this problem however, many try unique techniques. Some are so unique that they end up becoming funny marriage proposals.


Don’t worry as all’s well that ends well. Even if your marriage proposal is a little humorous, it’s not a problem until you have successfully impressed her. There are several tales that tell us about such interesting yet funny marriage proposals that made wonders. Have a look at some of these.


Humorous Marriage Proposals

  1. Sara knew that John was in love with her. The only thing she was waiting for was the marriage proposal. Well, the day did arrive and left a mark in her life. John took her to the botanical garden near her place and made her sit while he disappeared. After sometime he appeared and had a funny expression on his face. He presented a ring made of root of a tree. It was the cutest ring that she could have imagined. Offering the root ring he said “This is all I could manage. What can I do I just felt I had to propose you now or I can never get the strength to do it again. Couldn’t get a real ring so soon so, made one for you.” It was the best ring for Sara who agreed to get married to him.
  2. Mary was waiting for this moment. It happened finally. Mike seemed to be secretive those days but only Mary knew how difficult it was for Mike to hide anything from Mary. Her talkative boyfriend was trying his level’s best to hide something and there was a peep here and a peep there of his plans. Mary already knew there is a boat in the story, a champagne for sure and rest of it she could imagine. Well as she had imagined, Mike had all these ready. When the time came and as per the plan Mike was about to propose Mary, the ring was missing. It so happened that Mike had left it in the car and could not go till the car as he and his lady love were now in the middle of the river. Mary couldn’t stop laughing seeing his miserable state when he uttered those golden words. She accepted the proposal and now they are engaged to each other with the very ring that went missing from the proposal plan.
  3. Zoan and Robert were in love but Zoan never knew he would propose her in a unique way. It was her graduation day and she was tensed about her speech. Robert assured that she need not worry as the speech will be a good one. He had prepared it himself. As she started reading the crowd went silent. Towards the end though there was a cheer. She didn’t realize that she had read Robert’s marriage proposal to her, which said “You are the best thing that happened to me. I love you and won’t waste any more words as you have already spoken a lot by now. Will you marry me”. Well, Zoan was embarrassed as the graduation day crowd cheered for her and asked reply. It was funny as the man himself was carried to the centre of the stage where he waited for an answer. She said “Yes”.

Several plans may fail or end up being funny marriage proposals, but what matters is whether they have touched the heart.

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