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Marriage Proposals Etiquettes: How to do it the right way

So, you are thinking of popping the big question to her, right? It is pretty normal to feel nervous before you ask her for her hand. To a man it takes a great deal of courage to propose the woman he loves to marry. Hence, knowing the right way of proposing can save you great deals of troubles and help prevent situations that may lead to social embarrassment. If you too are planning to propose your partner on the next occasion knowing the right etiquette will help you deal with the situation better. Check out the marriage proposal etiquettes below to avoid untoward situations.

Though there is no sacrament or rules set down for marriage proposal there are certainly some practices which have withstood the test of time successfully and can be regarded as the safe way to ask the big question.

Inform parents: Since you have decided to take the biggest decision of your life you’d need the blessings of your parents. Hence, you may introduce her to your parents and also meet her family before asking her the question. Earlier it was a custom to inform the bride-in-proposal’s parents before you ask the hand of their daughter.

Discuss with her: If you want to make your marriage proposal a success you may taste the water beforehand. It is important to learn if she is ready for the big decision or not. Talk to her without being obvious to learn her attitude towards marriage and you.


Consider your possibilities: It is important to decide whether or not you’re at the right stage of the relationship to propose a marriage. Also pick up the hints from her. Women will talk more about marriage and family when they are ready to be asked. However, you’d need to ascertain whether or not both of you are ready to make the commitment. Don’t rush to make a marriage proposal. Take your time and propose when you both are comfortable.


Decide your style: Do you want to make your proposal in a grand fashion or you’ll prefer a private ceremony? Also you will need to take into account how she would like to be proposed. If you think that she would prefer a big audience when you propose her then you may consider assembling a group of people before proposing. It is important to learn your style because when proposing in front of a gathering of friends and family may seem pressured a surprise proposal can also be termed as rushed.


Engagement ring: The engagement ring plays a very crucial role while proposing a marriage. You can either propose with a ring or save it to gift her latter. Especially, if you are not sure whether she will say yes to your question avoid the ring. Nevertheless, you may shop for the right size engagement ring. Ask her if she would like to shop for the ring herself. This will save you from finding out her right size and style.


Pick a spot: Spare some thoughts in finding the right romantic spot where you can take her to ask the question. The spot can be where you two first met. Most women will prefer to be asked in private. Hence, avoid asking her in games or supermarket. Make it a romantic and memorable moment for her. Think about ways by which you can mark the event.


Prepare a proposal speech: Avoid saying only the four words. Rather, do explain her why you want to marry her at the first place. Make a short speech (avoid making it too long or else she will get bored). This will undoubtedly touch her heart. Attach lines like- ‘my life hasn’t been the same since I have met you and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you.’


Get down to your knees: Yes, it is an old way to propose a marriage but women still get touched by the gesture. So, do get to your knees while asking her the question.


Make announcement: Make it a point to make an official announcement of the upcoming marriage. Women love to tell friends and family that they are going to get married. So, be sensible to carry a cell phone and calling card to spread the good news.


Value her opinion: You must accept the fact that she is not bound to say ‘yes’ to your proposal. If she doesn’t reply immediately respect her decision. Allow her time to think. Pushing her for an answer may ruin your possibilities of a favorable response.

When you must keep in mind marriage proposal etiquettes you mustn’t overlook the don’ts of the marriage proposal too.

  1. Don’t make it a public event.
  2. Don’t propose at games or sports events.
  3. Don’t rush to propose at early stage of relationship.
  4. Don’t drag and also don’t brag. Keep it simple and sweet event.
  5. Don’t push her to say yes. Rather, respect her answer.

Since it is your special moment you may take full leverage in making it special for you as well as for your partner.

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