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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Around the globe about thousands of people ask their partners to marry them everyday. So, how would make your proposal stand out in the crowd? Being creative in the way of proposing can make your partner remember it for the long time to come. Lovers have often come up with ideas to make their proposals special and also minimizing the chances of getting denied. Following are some such creative marriage proposal ideas to help you win the answer from your sweetheart.

Say it with flower
Yes, it’s an old idea. But it’s always going to be a hit. Buy her a bunch of her favorite flowers and hide the message in the bouquet. Leave the bouquet at the bedside so that it is the first thing that she finds in the morning. This will make her day. Complete the process by delivering the ring with the breakfast tray.

Wintry proposal
If you are planning to propose over the winter then you can make it special by writing your message over the snow with red color. You can also hire a snow sculpture artist to make a special snow sculpture for you.

You can also pack snow to make letters which will say-‘will you marry me?’ in front of her house.

If you want the entire neighborhood to know that you have asked your girlfriend to marry you then you may hire a skywriting firm to write the message on the sky. The plane can also carry a banner over your neighborhood and over the house of your girlfriend with the question written on it.

Prepare a slide to be displayed at the end of the film. Make arrangement with the local movie hall and ask them to show your slide before the curtain closes. This is an idea if you want to make a public announcement of your love. Get down to your knees and hold up the ring to her. The applause from the audience present at the hall will add new level to the event.

Sand writing
If you have plans to propose her on the beach then you can write the big question on the sand and then take her to the place. You can also make a sand sculpture which will say – ‘marry me’ and slip the ring in her finger on the spot.

Sensuous massage
Why not give her a sensuous and lingering massage before asking the question. Leave her left hand for the last to massage and while doing so slip the ring in her finger and pop the question.

Music concert
You can propose her over a music concert. You can arrange for the musicians to play her favorite song at the last when you will propose her. You can also collaborate with the musicians and write your special proposal song for her. The musicians will play the tune when you’ll get down to your knees to hold up the ring to her.

Adventure sports proposal
Are both of you fans of adventure sports? Then you can propose her on your scuba diving trip next time. This will certainly be a romantic way to ask her for marriage while the azure sea surrounds you and colorful marine life swim by. Propose her at the climax of your trip.

Scrapbook proposal
Make a scrapbook with your memories. Attach souvenirs and photos in the scrap and help her relieve the memories of the past. On the last page of the scrapbook put your question. You may also attach the ring with it and ask her to wear it if she accepts your proposal when you meet later.

Propose over dinner
This is an old but sure way to ask your girlfriend to marry you. Take her out on a romantic dinner. Prearrange for the musicians to serenade for you. At the end of the dinner pop the big question. You can also ask her by going down on your knees when the other diners watching. This will also satisfy her desire to have audience when you propose her.

If she loves puzzles then you can create a puzzle for her with your question. Gift the puzzle and ask her to solve it. You can also say that there is a prize waiting her if she solves it successfully. The prize will be the ring. She will be able to get your question by solving it. Then slip the ring in her finger to complete the process.

Hot air balloon
Proposing on a hot air balloon trip is a grand idea. There are now many agencies available which will let you plan for a hot air balloon trip. Similarly, you can also organize a tour of the city by plane and ask her the question at the very end of the trip.

Announce on radio
You can ask the DJ of your local radio station to ask the question on your behalf at your girlfriend’s favorite radio show. This is a cute but romantic idea. She sure will be overwhelmed by your gesture.

Propose at romantic spot
Take her to the place where you met first. Spend time in discussing about the past time. At the end get down on your knees and pop the question. This is probably the simplest way to ask for her hands but you may rest assured that it will never fail to do the magic.

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