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Marriage Proposals - Letters , Speeches and Poems

Do you have marriage in your mind? After spending long time together you can sense that she has been expecting you to pop the big question. But you’re avoiding the situation simply because you can’t summon the courage to make the proposal to her. If you can identify yourself with the situation then you can do with some suggestions from us. This write-up deals with issues like how to make the marriage proposal and how to avoid the marriage proposal faux pas.

Marriage proposal is when you ask your partner to marry you and become betrothed. Different countries and cultures have set different rules for marriage proposals. But as is the convention the responsibility to ask for the girl’s hand falls on the man.

Earlier the man used to get into his knee to ask the girl to marry. Many girls would still prefer their boyfriends to go down on their knees to propose them. Hence, it is always a good way to ask her to marry you. However, many people are now going a great length to make their proposal heard and memorable for their partners. If you too are of great romantic type you can also make extensive planning to propose your girlfriend. However, you may keep the following dos and don’ts in mind to get your marriage proposal readily accepted.


Dos of a marriage proposal

Be yourself: Don’t pretend what you are not. Also be sincere. Girls can easily differentiate when you are not serious about the offer.

Check her interest: It is important to make your proposal on the right time. Before you propose her officially talk to her to get her opinion about marriage. You’d need to confirm if she is ready for the transition in life.

Surprise her: Make your proposal when she is least expecting it. Choose a spot or moment when you can make the big disclosure.

Select the ring: Selecting the right size engagement ring is important for marriage proposal. Take her size and also do some window shopping before making the purchase. Promise for the lifetime commitment in style.

Practice: It is not unusual to feel nervous on the big day. Hence, you may practice before mirror if needed to avoid embarrassment.

Choose right spot: Choose a spot where both of you will be comfortable. Also this will save you the embarrassment if you get tongue twisted.

Don’ts of a marriage proposal

Avoid public places: It is not a good idea to propose at public places or before her family. The event should take place in private between you and her. She must be given the opportunity to give her honest answer to your proposal.

Don’t propose early: Avoid proposing at the early stage of your relationship. Give yourself as well as her the time to decide importance of the relation.

Hiding engagement ring in food: It is not a good idea- firstly, because this is an old trick and has been used many times in soaps and films and next, there is a chance that she might swallow it unknowingly.

Don’t push her for answer: Don’t expect an immediate answer for your proposal. If she needs time allow her the time. Since it is the question of deciding to spend your entire life with someone allow her the time to think.

Keeping the marriage proposal short and sweet is always the best idea. If you are sincere with your efforts then she won’t be able to say ‘no’ to you.


Famous Marriage Proposals


Proposal is THE moment in every couple's life. It is teamed with love, happiness and sanctity. There are several proposals in the history, which stand out and have or had created a furor. Or maybe it is because of the presence of celebrity figure that the proposal attracts attention. Whatever may the reason be - highly romantic or the interest of media - we present some famous proposal ideas for your entertainment.


  1. Prince Charles and Lady Diana
    On 24th February 1981, Prince Charles, the future king of England, made an official announcement of his impending marriage to Diana Spencer. The white golden ring with an oval sapphire decorated by fourteen diamonds was visible on Diana's ring finger. According to some sources, Charles proposed to Diana in January 1981 while they were drinking champagne at his home, Highgrove. But Diana in her own words as professed to the biographer Andrew Morton said that the Prince of Wales proposed to her on the evening of February 6, 1981 in the nursery of Windsor Castle. The book stated Diana's words something like this: "He said, 'Will you marry me?' and I laughed. I remember thinking, 'This is a joke,' and I said, 'Yeah, okay,' and laughed. He was deadly serious. He said, 'You do realize that one day you will be queen.' And a voice said to me inside, 'You won't be queen, but you'll have a tough role.' So I said, 'Yes.' I said, 'I love you so much, I love you so much.' He said, 'Whatever love means.'"
  2. Friends Sitcom Proposal- Chandler and Monica
    One of the most famous sitcoms of this century FRIENDS portrayed a beautiful love story between the main character Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar. Amidst hilarious confusions and complexities, the two finally come together face-to-face and propose each other. It is an extremely breathtaking scene. The entire room is filled with candles and slow romantic music. Chandler wanted to surprise Monica by popping the question when she least expected (everyone was trying to dupe Monica by letting her think that Chandler doesn't want to get married). Things go tremendously wrong when Monica meets Richard, her ex-lover and receives a marriage proposal. In the final scene, Monica surprises Chandler by waiting in a romantically decorated room. Both the characters get down on their knees and propose each other. It is a highly romantic and poignant scene.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
    This famous actor- turned-governor proposed the vivacious journalist Maria Shivers after eight years of dating. In the summer of 1986, Arnold took Maria home with him to Thal, Austria. While they were in a rowboat on the lake where Arnold swam as a child. Amidst the childhood memories and things, which mattered most, he popped the question to Maria. Recalls Maria in an interview, her first reaction was "'Are you serious?'. Arnold presented her with a diamond engagement ring. He was serious. 'We'd been together eight years, so naturally I said, 'Yes!' ".

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