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Red Roses Valentine Poems

The love poems and valentine poems usher a soft feeling of togetherness and romance. The best way to describe love for your valentine is to give them a bouquet of red roses and if you want to say it with a poem then there's no better option than valentine poems about roses.

The selection on roses and red valentine poems helps you convey your love for your valentine. Red rose is the best symbol of vibrant love and emanates the fragrance of strong bonding between two lovers.

To express the feeling of vivacious love for your valentine go on and savor the following poem and share it with your friends.

Laughing Rose By William Henry Davies

If I were gusty April now,
How I would blow at laughing Rose;
I'd make her ribbons slip their knots,
And all her hair come loose.

If I were merry April now,
How I would pelt her cheeks with showers;
I'd make carnations, rich and warm,
Of her vermillion flowers.

Since she will laugh in April's face
No matter how he rains or blows --
Then O that I wild April were,
To play with laughing Rose.