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Marriage Proposal Poems

Marriages are made in heaven for sure but planned on earth. At times you just see someone and feel that this is the one you want to spend the life with. No matter where you find your Mr. or Miss perfect, the main task is to make a marriage proposal to that person.


Often, finding the right words that would hit your beloved’s heart is not an easy job. If you are a poet or just a romantic by heart, this job becomes less problematic. Make use of your writing skills and express your love in a unique way that is, by presenting romantic marriage proposal poems.


If you can’t write, don’t worry as we have a list of those sweet poems, which can be used while proposing marriage to someone you love.


Special marriage proposal poems

Some special lines just have the magic of reaching out to the heart that beats for you. Proposing marriage will be lot easier with these lines reaching out to your dear one directly.

“I saw you through my glasses
The image was clear
For my mind got clogged
Seeing you so near

I knew it was you
The only one I want
Miles to go and
Without you I can’t

So, will you marry me?
And be my soul-mate
And love me through life
Being my good fate?”

“My voice could not
So here I write
To woo you was
Indeed a fight

I enjoyed it though
Let me be frank
For your ocean like eyes
Is where I sank
I am back to the shores
Fit and so fine
To propose marriage
As now’s the time

So shall I ask?
Or are you ready
To be my wife
And make me heady?”


You and I Are Meant to Live Together
When I met you, I felt I met my destiny.
My true love, you'll always be.
If you feel the same, and I truly hope you do,
There's something very important, that I want to ask of you.
Instead of "You" and "I," let's become "we."
I'm asking you to share my life, will you marry me?

Well known marriage proposal poems

If you are still worried as to what poem to give to your dear one, take a look at the famous marriage proposal poems penned down by thoughtful people.

"In less than hour
Since last time I saw you here
Many thoughts came by
More than just predictions

That someday from now on
We may romantically involve
In our depth love affair
Continuously unbroken

Would you take the part?
To be my lover all your life
The time will change me a bit
But hopefully not my heart

And I don’t want to hear a no
‘Cause I left all my life before now
To show you that you’re the only one
I ever got left to live

Love me now and tomorrow
And the next day, and the other days
Until we get old, after we die
And in our graves, I’ll love you always"- Alex Chriss

"No, I can’t keep this a secret no more
And no, since my heart has stopped conflicting
With doubtful thoughts
Lately in my prayers, everyday every night
I say two things to God
The two things I needed most in my life
That is you, that is love
For perhaps without you, I knew no love
Oh, and there’s another thing I asked of God
Last night with such strong hopeful desire
So that He’ll open your heart and say ‘I do’,
Right when I say ‘will you marry me?’"- Fara S a.k.a Ebazaar

Marriage proposal poems can be presented in the bouquet. You may write these in a greeting card or just make a video where you will recite them to your beloved. No matter what way you use to present these soulful expressions, these are sure to please your darling and serve the purpose.

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