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Crush Poems

It's quite natural to have a crush on someone. And sometimes, you prefer to keep it a secret because you want to think about it and give it some time. It's a hidden feeling that you may not want to express. Secret crush love poems are a special way of expressing your love for that person. It happens to all of us when we start falling for someone when we first see him/her.

Whenever you feel like expressing your true feelings, the secret crush love poems will come to your rescue. So, express love with these secret crush love poems.

I am in Love With You

I want you to see
how much you truly mean to me

I can't think straight when you are near
For I am blinded with fear

The fear of you finding out
what I'm trying so hard to hide
my feelings for you,
are staying locked up on the inside

Sometimes you make me want to sing
sometimes you make me want to shout
all I know is when you're around
I get butterflies

I'm in love with you

Secret Crush by Tylerhmom

I once had a secret crush
People say it must be lust
This man is so kind
He will really blow your mind
This crush just won't leave me
Maybe one day, the feelings will be free
I want to make him understand
I want him to be my man
I don't really want to push it
But after that really long kiss
I could no longer resist it
I love him so very much
But I feel I will mess up
If I tell my secret crush.

Secret Crush by Megan

I think about you day after day,
sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
You have no idea; you have no clue,
just how much I think of you.
I remember the time, I remember the day,
I had no idea what I was going to say.
I remember getting lost while staring into your eyes;

I must have made about a million of sighs.

I hope we could be together some time in my life,
and sometimes at night, I dream I'm your wife.
I love you now and always I hope you can see,
that if you gave our love a chance how happy we'll be.
I'm going to bed, please be in my dreams,
because in real life you don't know what this means.
I will never forget you no way, not now;
I know we'll be together some way and some how!

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