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New Relationship Poems - Love Poems

Falling in love is a great feeling. It is that period in someone's life when writing poems for the sweetheart seems to be the happiest thing to do.

When you are new to a relationship and the love has just started to bloom, it's time to open your heart before your beloved through love poems. Here is a wonderful collection of new relationship love poems that help you express love in the most splendid manner and bring joy to your partner.

Take my hand and forget about the world.
I will love you like you have never been loved before.
We are just in our first chapter,
but our love story has just begun.
Now take my hand and forget about the world.
I will love you like you have never been loved before.

Butterflies tell me I'm not ready
My mind tells me slow and steady
But I just want to love you
I just want to hold you.

So fly away butterflies
Let me fall into his eyes
Let him lift me up into the night
And he'll love me for all of time

Love is something that gives you strength
Gives you hope when things go wrong
Love me now and hope that we can stay forever
For this first step that we take
May be the one that no one can shake
Love for me has always been you
So I promise now to be forever true.

Sweetheart you make my life complete
With you by my side, there is nothing more I need
Our love so strong we carry on
Like there is none whom we would heed
When I met you I knew for sure
That we'll be together forever more,
So now that we have decided to hold
Our love in togetherness for truth be told
I cannot imagine life without you
You all I need, for forever it's you.

If there was ever a love song that once could sing
All the happiness and joy it'd bring
I would dedicate it to you, with my heart and soul,
For you is all I need forever more
In your arms new strength I found
With you I feel love abound
So love me now and forever be true
You have given me hopes a new
So now I just want you to know
That I'm yours and that is something to show
So with this rhyme I give you my heart
Keep it safe and never let it fall apart.

Before I met you I was in a sorry mess
My life in tatters I must confess
You came into my life and now it seems
Thing are changing, and everything gleams
Everything seems brighter than before
You have made everything lovelier and more
So though this rhyme be not so fine
I love you and I hope our love ages like wine
With you I promise to build a life a new
So love we now and let's sail the love canoe.

A fear I can feel within my heart
As we take the first step towards this fresh start
I pray in my heart that we can find
Ways to be together till the end of time
So that when our time comes, we can proudly say
We lived we loved and till the end like that we did stay
And when we leave there be no sighs
No sullen tears or weary smiles
Let us be remembered as those who loved deeply and dearly
Who knew that they wanted to be together from the first moment clearly
So now that we have each other let us be glad
Leave behind all things that make us sad
I hope we can start afresh and build a perfect life
One that is free of hatred, sorrow or strife.

In your arms I have found
The love that brings in joys and grace abound
In your eyes I see true love
The kind that is gifted from god above
So when I say that I need you
Don't take me for granted for its something true
I have you now and that's all I'll ever need
To make my life feel whole, loved and complete
I love you, from now until the end of time.

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