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Love Poems for Kids

No one is left untouched by the emotion called love. From the moment we are born and till the time to leave the world, we are enveloped by love and care of our near and dear ones. Even kids know the value of love and compassion. Nothing makes them happier than to see someone expressing love for them and making them feel pampered.

One of the best ways to express your love for the little angels in your life is with beautiful words. Even if you are not with them, love poems will convey your feelings for your kids and they will know how much you care for them even though you are away from them.

Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, send these beautiful Love Poems for Kids and share your deepest emotions with them.

You ask me what love is
I say, love is all that we do together
Love is playing with you in the park
Love is reading for you bedtime stories
Love is tucking you in bed each night
As I kiss you Good Night
With that I also want you to know
This love will never change
No matter how much your grow.
The moment they put you in my arms
You simply jumped in to my heart
The moment I looked into your eyes
The world seemed like a joyful ride
The moment you smiled at me
My world took a happy spree
I promise always to be by your side
As you grow and traverse the journey of life.

I always had a wish for a dream home
Where everything spic and span
But then it was those days
Before you came along
Now my living room has lego and blocks
And time ticks like mad in my daily clock
There is food on the sofa and bed
Writing on the wall
But my home has got a new meaning
And its meaning for me has changed overall
Now I do the clean up with zest
For you, dear mommy's little pet.

Today they ask you to come and play with glee
Tomorrow they would turn to be busiest of bees
Today they spread happiness in your home
Tomorrow they would spread it around the globe
Today you watch them learn with pride
Tomorrow they would take the world in their stride
For not at school not in the home
It is in your heart where you little one grows
But no matter how big they get
You would always want to wrap them in your arms
To protect them from any harm.

We still remember the days of shoulder ride
And the chocolate smudged kisses
That always touched our heart
Though you are now grown enough to boss around us
We share with you our memories
With special wishes for you too
We hope the joy you gave us
You feel in your heart too
As you keep growing each day
We wanted you to know
You are always in our hearts
No matter where you go.

You match my slow steps
As we walk side by side
I see in you
My childhood come alive
We both have the time
To enjoy life's pleasures
As your parents get busy
To take care of worldly measures
I may no longer be swift or smart
But I still have the mind
To weave stories from the start
For it is in a grandchild
That a grandparent lives
And sees the fulfillment
Of unfinished dreams.

I never thought I could feel so strongly
About anyone the way I feel for you
And although I may not always show it
I am simply amused by everything you do
As you grow older and learn to
Take your own stand, remember that
I shall always be your loving dad.

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