Thank You Friendship Poems

Saying thank you can be little harder when it comes to friendship. But it is necessary that we show little gestures of gratitude for the help and support that we receive from our friends in the greatest hours of emotional trouble.

When a close friend does soothing for us, it is always unconditional. Yet saying thank you to a friend can take you a step closer to the person. Thank you friend poem is just another way of expressing your gratitude and love for all that he/she has done for you. "The friend in need is a friend indeed."

So how grateful are you to God for blessing you with a friend like this? You might just give a sigh of relief in the tumultuous times just when you think that whatever happens you always have someone to lean on. The poems for thanking a friend can be simple messages that you can collect from the internet, books, and greeting cards.

Here are few top thank you friend poems that you can send to your friend. It will bring an instant smile oh his/her lips, no matter how far you are.

Friendships are like showers that are godsend
For having true friends means joy that has no end
When I met you for the first time I never thought we would be
So inseparable, that you now mean the world to me
Being with you has been the best experience so far
You are my true guide, and philosopher, like my own radar
You always know how I'm feeling and when I'm blue
I want to thank god for sending me a beautiful friend like you.

Before I met you life was a mess
And now that I have you I can truly confess
Your care and your warmth make my life complete
Your friendship forever is all that I need
We've shared laughter, joy and tears
And with you by my side there is nothing I fear
You are my best friend and I want to thank you today
For being by my side in each and every way
The times we've spent together are so precious and dear
I hope we keep doing this year after year.

They say that friendship is a bond that forever stays
And being with you I can truly say
That friendship is the bond that has held us together so far
It doesn't matter where we come from or who we are
We get each other like no one else ever can
And I pray to God this stays till our life span
Friendship can never be complete without you or me
For we are the best of friends and together form a 'we'
In times of need you have always stood by my side
Whenever I thought the world was too cruel to you I run and hide
You fight all my battles for me and do not think
You banish all my troubles away in the batting of a wink
I want to tell you today just how much I care
I'm there for you forever, I'm not going anywhere.

There were times when I truly wondered what real friendship felt like
I prayed hard at night before going to sleep that I might find someone alike
Then the lord heard my prayers and gave me you
With our friendship blooming strong there was no problem it's true
We would spend hours together just laughing our hearts out
And in those moments I knew that I had found a true friend in you
Today I want to tell you that you are the one who has been with me through all patches of life
Who has been with me through every joy and strife
Thank you for being my true friend
Thank you for the friendship that you have bestowed upon me.

True Friends are there when you need them
They make your life joyful by caring for you
To the flower of your life they are the stem
And you know that it is joy that they in it imbue
So thank you my friends for being a part of my life
Without your love and support I would have never known what it truly meant to be alive.

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