Teen Friendship Poems

Teenage friendships have a charm of their own. Young people or those going through the adolescent stage have lot of things to discuss which cannot be shared with parents or siblings.

It is the time when they start discovering themselves and rely on friends more than anyone else in the world. Many teen friendship poems have been written, and the teen years are some of the best in anybody's life, because they are free of hassles and are absolutely carefree.

Teen friendship poems express a lot of emotions with which all the adolescents are familiar. Some young boys and girls when they are in high school get infatuated with someone which is commonly mistaken as love.

But as they grow older in age and experience they realize that it was not love at all, just pure innocent friendship. Many poems are devoted to this mistaken feeling of "love".

Some Teenage Friendship Poems:

Words cannot compare about how much you mean to me
May we always get to be together, may there always be a "we"
You are the rising sun in my morning sky
We will be friends forever, together till the day we die
So when this is the time to have fun while we are young
There is not much to say but the fact that I am blessed to have you
And I pray to the lord that we can be this close forever and to ourselves be true.

We have both grown up together you and I
Had fun under the sun and prayed that our friendship never dies
You have my back and I have yours on everything that's true
So I know that you have always been the one that I could always turn to
You have been there for me through my darkest hours
And laughed with me when life was the best
We have done some crazy things together, that we know we shall never forget
You are my best friend under sun and cloudy climes
All I know for sure is that I'm lucky to have you in my life through all the times.

Our friendship is like the rain that soaks the parched earth
In deserts it blooms flowers
Where two friends reside, of merriment there cannot be dearth
For there is no count of minutes or hours
Friendship is that rainbow which blooms after the heavy rains
It thrives on adversity and does survive all strains
So you and I have been on this journey forever now
And may it stay that way
For what true friendship holds most do not know
All me do know truly is that it is here to stay.

My friend you are to me more special than any melody
You are the one who makes me smile
Makes this journey really worthwhile
And though it may seem like we may not enough talk
We are so in sync with the beating of our hearts
That we don't need any words or talks
We can together in silence work
And still know what is going on in each other minds
So you know for sure now that our friendship is truly one of a kind.
And every day I thank the Lord to have found you
For you do make all of the fun come alive, you truly do.

You have made life easier for me,
Since the time you came into my life
It has become easier to talk about my feelings and strife
You lend a helping hand and a shoulder that once can lean on
So now that I have you, I understand how beautiful life can be
It truly is sweeter than a melody and more beautiful than rainbows
Knowing that I have someone to lean on makes me feel alive
A life that is with has more meaning and can make you jive
Thank you for your friendship, every moment we spend together is precious.

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