I'm Sorry Friend Poems

"Among Life's precious jewels,
Genuine and rare,
The one that we call friendship
Has worth beyond compare."

The ability to say sorry is an essential thing in friendship. If you have hurt your friend there shouldn't be anything stopping you from expressing your regret. These are times when the sorry friendship quotes can especially work magic. They are simple yet most effective way of saying ‘I am sorry friend'. No friendship is bound to last without any of you apologizing for the mistakes. Let your ego take the back seat and take the initiative now to mend the fight that you had with your best friend. The best friend sorry poems can bring you closer to your friend.

If you are sincerely sorry about what happened between you, write down few lines expressing your grief to your friend.

This will not only deepen the bond that you share but also increase the trust that you both share. What other compassionate way of preserving you friendship that sending sorry poem to a friend. The sorry poem for friends brings back the joy of friendship in no time.

Here are few top sorry friendship poems that you can use to revive your relationship with a friend whom you have hurt.

Sorry Friendship Poems

There are times when I can remember
With absolute clarity the December
When we first met and became friends
And I hoped really all this while that our friendship would never end
And then I know that I messed up bad
And all this while I know you've been mad
At me for being a callous friend
I know that things have become sad
With all the fights that we have had
I know that I have not been a friend so true
That is why I want to say to you
I am sorry my dear friend
I know I messed up and brought this end
So please forgive and with me stay
I want our friendship to be restored to the glorious days.
My love for you has never wavered
So forgive me now and please restore me back in favor.

I'm really Sorry is all that I can say
To tell you now in each and every way
That you mean the world to me and you are my best friend
I know I made a mistake but do not let our friendship end
There are times when someone can really say
That they love you in each and every way
I cherish your company and you have been my true friend
I know I wasn't so good to you so please forgive me and don't let this end
I know you have a generous heart, you are caring and you will forgive
To this friend the respite of having a best friend back you will give
And I promise then to be the best friend that I can be ever
So please forgive me and let's be friends again forever.

Sometimes a silly mistake can cause great ruins
When friendships that were meant to stay forever are broken
I know that I made a mistake and should accept my fate
But do not be cruel and not make it up even when late
I promise that I will not let you down ever again
For you really do mean so much to me
There may be times when it may some dubious to you
Whether our friendship and my feelings be true
But whenever such thoughts do cross your mind
Banish them away and to me be kind
For I am not perfect and I do make mistakes
And this time I have messed up things that does time take
Forgive me and I promise to clean my act up
I will never let you down if you give me the chance again
Will prove to you that we are still the best of friends.

Saying sorry is not the easiest thing to do
For you need to admit to yourself that you did mess it up
And once you are done telling yourself that you are goof
Comes the time to confess it try to get up
Above from all the mistakes that you made
So I need to tell you that I need you by my side
Forgive me please and let all of this slide
Let our friendship come back to life.

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