Miss You Poems for Friends

The bond between friends is all the more special because they are not related by blood. Friends are there in every nook and corner of our lives. But do all friendships last a life time?

Certainly not. Some of the friends are left behind in the way as we go further and further towards our destination in life. This does make us sad, but there is not much that can be done about it.

Miss you friendship poems talk about the lost friends, the beautiful moments of friendship and how much the friend is missed. Friends are missed all the time, but the more joyous occasions like birthdays or any other festive occasions make us remember them even more.Miss you friendship poems are therefore somewhat dejected and they do make us sad.

There are times when I lie in my bed at night
And think of you and all our fights
Though people may think that we fought because we hated each other
But in reality it was the love in those fights that kept us together
You were my friend are and forever will be
And that is why in all the memory flashes
I think of you and how it was with you to be
I will always remember treasure and cherish you and your thoughts
That is why I miss you so much and memories are in tear stains wrought.

Missing you is easy because you are so dear
You are in my thoughts whenever you are not near
You are the one who has always made me smile
And when you are not near I can only frown
So you should know that you are the only one who can turn it upside down
I wish that you could come back soon
So that we can sit at nights under the starry skies and the blue moon
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But without you it can only wander
So my dear friend I miss you so
This poem is but a way to let you know.

They say that friendship is something that with you forever stays
But when your friends are not around it irks you in every way
The time that you spend with friends cannot ever come back
And for sure it can never be replicated to the same track
Having you with me made life seem so easy
No thoughts of tomorrow, the present was always breezy
So now that you are missing things do not feel the same
There is no one who will dance with me in the pouring rain
And I'm waiting for you to be back so that we can rejoice again
Find the melody in the swaying wind
I miss you as much as you can miss someone
You were are and always will be my best friend.

I think of all the times that we have spent together
The wind and the rain, the sunshine and the stormy weather
Everything pales when compared to the fun that we have had together
While you are away I wait here patiently
To have back my friend, my best buddy
Once you get back, we can begin what we left behind again
And then will come back all the sunshine that has been missing
So my dear friend this is just to let you know
That you have a friend who is waiting for you most eagerly.

Friendship is that flower that blossoms eternally
For true friendship can brave any storm or harsh sun
The only time it starts withering is in the fond memories
When absence becomes too much to bear
Since you've been away my heart sighs in fond remembrance
Of the times that we have had, and how it is missing without you here
Come back soon dear friend, the one you left behind is waiting still.

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