Life Long Friendship Poems

The best gift that God has given to man is a friend. Friends occupy a special place in our hearts and friendship is the most beautiful relation in this world. The relation of friendship is based on belief, trust, compatibility and mutual understanding. If a friendship possesses all these elements then that friendship will not get affected under any kind of circumstances.

Life Long Friendship Poems refers to those friendship poems that address those relationships of friendship that have lasted for long or are about friends, who have grown old together and therefore have been there for each other whenever they needed one another. Long Friendship Poems are those friendship poems that talk about everlasting friendships.

If you are alone in this world, or deprived of a friend or have faced a betrayal from a friend, then read these poems as these poems will inspire you to have a friend, with, who will make you feel special.Friends are people, who will not laugh at you, but will laugh with you and wipe your tears and also would bring a smile on your face when you would feel low and depressed.Most of the poets who have penned Long Friendship Poems, through their poems tell the world about their relationship with a particular friend or friends.

A Man Young And Old: VII. The Friends Of His Youth by William Butler Yeats

Laughter not time destroyed my voice
And put that crack in it,
And when the moon's pot-bellied
I get a laughing fit,
For that old Madge comes down the lane,
A stone upon her breast,
And a cloak wrapped about the stone,
And she can get no rest
With singing hush and hush-a-bye;
She that has been wild
And barren as a breaking wave
Thinks that the stone's a child.

And Peter that had great affairs
And was a pushing man
Shrieks, 'I am King of the Peacocks,'
And perches on a stone;
And then I laugh till tears run down
And the heart thumps at my side,
Remembering that her shriek was love
And that he shrieks from pride.

Forever Friendship Poems

The people, whose friends remain by their side throughout the whole journey of life, are the favored child of God. True friends are those friends who stand by us time in our times of happiness and sorrows and friends who deceive us or leave us in our troubled times or makes use of our friendship only to their advantage, they actually are people who are aware or does not know the real meaning of friendship.

Friendship is not only limited to the giving of gifts and presents but extends to the giving of joy and happiness to each other or others. Forever Friendship Poems are a one kind of Friendship Poems that tells the world about the real nature of friendship.

When I Came Last to Ludlow by A. E. Housman

When I came last to Ludlow
Amidst the moonlight pale,
Two friends kept step beside me,
Two honest friends and hale.
Now Dick lies long in the churchyard,
And Ned lies long in jail,
And I come home to Ludlow
Amidst the moonlight pale.

"Forever Friends" is an example of a Forever Friendship Poem and the poem has been penned by Sarah Ahmed. In the first stanza of the poem, the poet speaks about her friends who have always stayed beside her side and she hopes that they all remain friends until death separates them.

In the second stanza, the poet states that they remain friends forever. In the third stanza, the poet mentions that her friends means the world to her and she hopes that she also occupies a special place in her friend's heart. In the fourth stanza, the poet sates that though they are growing old with time, she hopes that their friendship lasts for the rest of their life. Sarah Ahmed ends the poem by stating in the last stanza or the fifth stanza that they would remain friends forever.

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