Funny Friendship Poems

Friendship is all about fun, laughter, emotions, joy, love, and every abstract feeling that you can think about.

Some funny friendship poems speak about that fun whereas some of them make you feel that fun and joy.

There are many funny poems on friends as there had been many writers who have expressed the need for fun in a cute relationship like friendship.

When you talk about friends you often talk about fun. In reality it is the fun with a combination of emotions and sentiments that keeps a relationship like friendship going. Funny poems on friends are good enough to rejuvenate that feeling of friendship even if you have lost it with time now.

Some amusing friendship poems are wonderful and simply magical! They work like medicines at times when even the best medicines fail to put an impact. You never know when even the little things in friendship can work like wonders and leave you speechless.

Beautiful amusing friendship poems or cute Funny Friendship Poems are one of such medicines which can spread a positive vibes in the environment and keep everyone healthy and friendly! Such is the magic of humorous friendship poems in our lives and in our friendly relationships.

Whenever I am feeling blue
My thoughts always turn to you
You can cure any moody day
With your funny ways and words that sway
You can make a dark day seem filled with sparkle
Make me giggle when I'm not supposed to
Got me into trouble a million times
And only god can help your silly rhymes
But it is true what they say about you
No one can be sad when they are around you
You are funny and in the best way that one can be
You banish tears and bring all the glee
So stay this way and never do change
You are the best the way you are, likable and strange.

Someone told me the other day that they were looking for you
When I asked them why they said they'll give me a clue
Some mischief you had again cooked up together and it was all in the air
How you chewed a gum and stuck it in someone's hair
For a second I did not doubt what I did hear
How could I when I know you so well my dear
I just gave the person a sound advice
Told him to not mess with you and think twice
For no one compares to you when it comes to fun and games
And told him to thank god that it was just gum in the hair, and not the hair up in flames
Hearing this the person did shudder, tried to speak, but all he did was stutter
So now he'll know than to mess with you
And I stuck by you my funny friend because I'm a friend so true.

Humourous Friendship Poems

Humorous friendship poems are one of the best ways to bring back life to a relationship that has gone monotonous. A good Friendship is a feeling which is strong enough to stand the test of time. But even then there are some follies in every relationship that the heart commits.

Even if your friend is angry or upset about something you can still make efforts to bind him in your friendship. In such cases cute funny friendship poems work wonders. It is with the help of some extremely cute funny friendship poems that you can bring back your friend into the same joyous mood! So, make your friendship stronger and keep it lively, and full of fun.

Rainy days have come and gone
And your laughter has like the sun shone
Your funny talks and goofy walks, always make me smile
All I know for real is that it is really worth the while
For your company keeps everything fun
To spread the laughter and sunshine all around you, you are God's chosen one.

There are times when you make me think of all the things that you say and do
And how unlucky could one be to have found a friend like you
You are never on time and always make me wait
You will call me to the mall and reach the gate
And when it comes to important dates you always forget
It's easy to see what a jumble is your head
And when it comes to mischief you are always the first
You always make them trip and fall on their faces flat
When something wrong happens you are always the first to clap
Then I wonder sometimes why am I still your friend
And that is the moment I remember one thing
That around you I have never really cried
You are the one who has banished all my tears and I laughed away the sighs
So you're funny and lovable is all I know
And even after all I am really glad to be a part of your show.

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