Friendship Poems For Kids

Friendship begins at school, therefore Friendship Poems For Kids provides the children with the opportunity to express what they feel for each other in a sweet ands simple way.

The bond of friendship that exists between two kinds is pure, innocent and free from all the complexities of the world. Kids make friends with each other quite easily and therefore the friends that a kid has are many in number.

Given here are three Friendship Poems For Kids. Nothing is known about the author of the first two poems. The author of the third poem is Kahlil Gibran, but the poet has not assigned any title to his poem.

A friend is that special someone whom we can always turn to
When we need someone who can lift our spirits and make us smile
Someone whom we truly treasure can be called a friend
And the friendship is a cherished gift
Friends can fill up our life with all the joy and beauty in the world
And can make this world, a more beautiful place, where everyone is happy.
So treasure your friends and keep them close
They are the ones who will be by your side, when the world won't
Friendships are priceless so always value them as much as you can.

A best friend is a person who is always by your side
Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or need some helpful advice
A friend can pep you up and take care of you
They will listen with all their heart, just when you're feeling blue
They will always be honest and even tell you things that you may not want to hear
But that is their job they always want to make things clear
Your best friend will keep all your secrets and guard them with their life
They will understand all your fears and even take care of all your dreams
And when the world gives up on you, they will still take your side
They will be there for you always and they will be your guide
And so cherish your best friend for they will forever be your friend.

True friendships are the kind that stay for your entire life
And keep on growing even more special with time
They will always be the bestest friends that you will ever have
And they will always make you happy no matter what
So worry not and there will be no time to despair
For whatever the situation might be they will forever be there
You will laugh with them all through the dark night
And when they are around life will seem like a sweet dream
Be nice to your true friends they are the ones who make life better
Once you have them always keep them with you, always stay together.

When you find your true friend you know
That in your heart you will be forever young
You will always be in your hearts how you used to be
When you were chasing butterflies through the fields
That is the magic and the beauty of true friendship
Time does not stay the same, though you may be older
But in your hearts you will forever be this way
And years later when you all meet again
There will still be talks of the rainbows in the sunny rain
And then you will know what gems you have gathered
So to your friends always be true no matter what.
For they will be there for you, when nobody is
For that is what friendship is about, that is what true friendship is.