Farewell Friendship Poems

Our life would not have been the same without our friends, as they are the people with whom we are able to speak about our fear, ambitions and about anything without any fear.

When we are in school, we make friends with our classmates, but as we go to college and enter the campus of universities, we make new friends and lose touch with our old friends.

It often happens that the friends of our school becomes our best friends and remain our friends for the rest of the life, or it may also happen that the friends of colleges or universities or office {if one works in a office) becomes our close friends. So, it can be said that our life is incomplete without our friends.

Friendship Poems as is evident from its name speaks about the true nature of except for the Betrayal Friendship Poems. In the Farewell Friendship Poems the poets generally speak about friends who have gone away from this world or about friends who reside in a distant land or about biding goodbye to one's friends.

The poem titled "Farewell My Friends" belongs to the category of Farewell Friendship Poems and the author of this poem is Mild G. Calingo. In this poem the poet is biding goodbye to friends. The poet thanks his friends for the happy and the sad moments that they have spent together in their due course of life.

In another poem, titled "Friends" by Melissa Mays, the poet deals with the same subject. The Farewell Friendship Poems are many in number and they invoke in us the feelings of unhappiness and grief.

The Two Brave Soldiers by Julia A Moore

My friends, I pray you listen,
A story I will tell;
It's of two noble soldiers,
And they were known full well;
They were killed in the rebellion,
As you shall plainly hear,
Those brave and noble soldiers,
No danger did they fear.

They enlisted in Grand Rapids,
In eighteen and sixty-two,
'Twas in the month of August,
About the middle, too;
These two brave, noble soldiers,
They joined the cavalry;
They fought to save their country,
United it yet may be.

One of them, a single man,
His name was Martin House;
The other one was married,
His name I'll tell you now.
Abram Bishop was his name;
He was a christian man;
Two soldiers, they were brave, and
They hailed from Michigan.

When they left their native place,
Their friends to them did say;
"Oh! do not go to war boys,
You'd better with us stay;
For if you join the army,
You never will return
To all your friends that love you,
You never will return."

Young House spoke unto his friends:
"I'd rather go," said he,
"I have no wife and children
To weep and mourn for me.
I hear my country calling
For her sons of liberty,
And I, for one must go, friends,
A coward I cannot be."

"We are not afraid of fighting
The rebels, no, not we;
They're bound to make our country
A place for slaves to be.
Our fathers fought before us,
To gain our liberty,
And we, the sons of freemen,
Must fight to keep it free."

"Farewell, farewell to all our friends
That we may leave behind,
If we do never return,
We pray you bear in mind,
If God sees fit to call us,
We are not afraid to die;
Our country, she is calling,
We must bid you all good bye."

It was in Old Virginia,
Those noble soldiers fell,
In the battle of Hanover town,
As many a man can tell.
They fought through many battles,
Obeyed their captain's call,
Alas! the missles struck them,
And caused them both to fall.

Farewell to Meng Hao-jan by Li Po

I took leave of you, old friend, at the
Yellow Crane Pavilion;
In the mist and bloom of March, you went
down to Yang-chou:
A lonely sail, distant shades, extinguished by blue--
There, at the horizon, where river meets sky.

A Farewell by Amy Levy

The sad rain falls from Heaven,
A sad bird pipes and sings ;
I am sitting here at my window
And watching the spires of "King's."

O fairest of all fair places,
Sweetest of all sweet towns!
With the birds, and the greyness and greenness,
And the men in caps and gowns.

All they that dwell within thee,
To leave are ever loth,
For one man gets friends, and another
Gets honour, and one gets both.

The sad rain falls from Heaven;
My heart is great with woe--
I have neither a friend nor honour,
Yet I am sorry to go.

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