Christian Friendship Poems

Whenever we see the beautiful things around us we are reminded of "His" creation. Even the smallest living being, the most neglected of all animate and inanimate objects are created by the Almighty and Christian Friendship poems are a tribute to God for making the world so beautiful for us.

We fall down on our knees and thank Him for the fact that it is by His grace, we are able to discern what "life" really is.

There are many Christian friendship poems which make us bow our head down with respect for the Creator.

Some of the poets have described life as a divine journey.But for whom? For us the mere mortals, who sin, who blaspheme, who make things so hard for others that it is difficult to believe at times that we have any power of differentiating between the good and the bad.

The Christian friendship poems make us reaffirm our faith in the Almighty and sincerely believe that without his blessings we are nowhere, we cannot go anywhere. Some of the poems are about total surrender. They convey the spirit of yielding to the Supreme Power and gratitude.

Christian valentine poems

Being a devotee of christ, it is impossible to have a heart without infinite love. So, on the occasion of valentine, here are some of the finest valentine poems for couples who are madly in love and wish to make each other special. These valentine poems involve a lot of emotions and hold a meaning deep down inside. Thus, send these lovely christian valentine poems to your partner right away!

There were times when I was in real trouble
And I prayed to the lord for a real friend who'd be by my side
One day I met you and I knew that my wish had brought you into my life
Since that day I thank the lord each day
For bringing you here and now I believe that he does have his ways
To take care of us when we need some guidance and love
He does it in the form of friends
Who can very well be chosen from above
So now I know how it feels to have an angel from above guarding me
You have always been the one who has taken care
Been honest when you thought I was getting into a snare
So before I do not get a chance to tell you how I truly feel
I thank the almighty for having you here
You are a true friend, the kind who are really rare
Just stay like this forever, don't ever change, don't you dare.

The Lord is my best friend and there is not anyone more that I can want
He never complains or judges, he just guides me
And when I'm in times of doubt or trouble he comes to my rescue
Since I was young I can remember, I would pray to the lord and ask him for help
Little did I know that he was truly my saviors who would listen to my prayers
And then one day I realized that the Lord within me resides
I could turn to him for help whenever I was in trouble
That was the moment when I truly knew
That I would always have a true friend in him
He would never desert me in times of need
For he forevermore resides in me
So to your own self always be true
And search for the lord he will come through for you.
They say that friendships last forever and that is true
Especially when they are based O Lord on you
The trust that these friendships to us thus give
Is equivalent to a miracle and the joy in us does live
There are ties when we find ourselves in a plight
When we really do not know how to fight
How to stand against the obstacles that have come our way
And in such moments a true friend with us does stay

Dear lord thank you for blessing me and giving me such a friend
Who has stuck with me through everything till the very end
And with him I know that I can truly be
Everything that I could have ever wanted to be
So keep us in your good will dear lord and I shall have no fears
For I know that in our friendship you do reside even though you may not seem near
You have always been the one to show us the light
And have always been there in times of fright
Thank you lord for blessing me with a friend who is there for me.

Christian friendship poems also convey the message of love and friendship. The love which every human being should have for his fellow human beings and other living beings are expressed through these poems. They uplift the mind and make us realize that without love the world would not be a place to live in.

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