Parents Anniversary Poems

Parent anniversaries are the best times when children can show that how much they care. Parents' anniversary poems help you to convey your feelings to your parents. Often it becomes very difficult to let your parents know that how much you love and care for them. Parent's marriage anniversary gives you the chance to let your real feelings out completely.

This is the right time to do something for the people who have always thought about you and your needs and never thought about themselves. You can gift your parents, the time of their life by celebrating their marriage anniversary.

Parent's anniversary should be celebrated grandly. After all they are the ones who make us what we are. You can make your parent's significant day even more special with the help of parents' anniversary poems. Some of which are:
There is no way to tell you
How special you both are to me
So today as you complete another anniversary
It's not the number, the count of years spent
It's the love that your hearts hold for each other
That pulls you both through everything
And as children it gives us heart to see your love still going strong
In a world where love has lost its meaning you carry forth the torch so on
So let today be but another number in a list of many to come
I wish you the happiest of times dear parents
May love shine brighter and carry on.

When I look at the two you, together and still so deeply in love
It gives me heart to think that there is still something known as a fairy tale ending
For true love really has no end or a definite beginning
Even after all these years dear dad I know that mom is the love of your life
And it is visible in everything you do and every time you look at her
Mom, you know dad better than anyone else it's true
And I know no one else who he listens to or values more than you
So when your special day is here and your loved ones surround you
Know that you are the paragon of true love and happiness
While all of us are but spectators to your gladness
So on this day I wish that you two can forever be this way
And be the guiding light for the rest of us about how true love is meant to stay.

We are all gathered here to celebrate
The love of a life of a special lady and a special man
Who have given life and love everything that they possibly can
It gives me great happiness to announce
The love that they cherish in their heart abounds
There is no couple that I know of
Who display such rare and unique love
And to have you both as my parents is something that gives be great pride
You two have been the guiding light, which has never left my side
And on your special day it is but a ceremony that we address
For the true celebration is that of your days in togetherness
As you complete but another milestone with the love that you share
We all pray to god that he protects you from any snare
Your love has always been a joy to behold
Makes a lot of people jealous I'm sure, if truth be told.
So happy anniversary dear parents may your joy multiply manifold.

It is a joy to witness
Your love which has all the finesse
Of a beautiful symphony to behold
Where all the notes are perfect it unfolds
So never let the love in your heart be less
For then life would be a total mess
On this occasion I would like to pray
That happiness be yours in each and every way
May this day dear parents be but a foretelling of things to be
For to great joy and success you're the love that you both share is the key.

Poems like these can form a part of those wishes, which you want to wish to your parents on their anniversary.