Funny Anniversary Poems

Marriage is a life filled with good and bad days. With marriage come lots of responsibilities and problems too. But marriage anniversaries are the time when you tend to forget everything and celebrate the day that you and your better half came together for the first time. On this special day of marriage anniversary you can add a smile to your loved one's face with the help of funny anniversary poems.

Marriage anniversary is a lovely day to have fun with your loved one, along with wonderful memories of your togetherness as an icing on the cake. So, if you are celebrating this memorable day for yourself or any of your close members, you can certainly add- up some humor with the funny anniversary poems.

You can pick up some of the funny anniversary poems to impart humor to this memorable marriage anniversary celebration.

Some the funny anniversary poems are as follows:

You and I are a pair made for each other
We can drive each other to the wall be it rain or fair weather
When we started out, everyone said that they will not last
But we are still here having the last laugh
You are my best friend and lover to is best
Even though sometimes you put my patience to a test
So why brood over the longings and tear up being sappy
Let us enjoy our anniversary love; it's the one day when we really get to be happy.

A love like our cannot too often be found
As most lovers like us are buried in the ground
No wonder we may seem too old school to a few
But I bet deep down they are jealous and would love to have someone like you
You are there when all seem awry and nothing goes right
You're my comrade in arms and put up a fair fight
So as we celebrate our togetherness today
I want to tell you that I love you unconditionally
Be it your full make up or makeup free day
So do not ever question my love for you
For you will never find another love who can be so true.

I stood in star-struck wonder when I met you first
You were an angel I was sure that I almost got scared
That I'd died and gone to heaven to be near you
So you can imagine my delight when you said "I do"
Now that we've been together I'm pretty sure that Heaven it is
Since you were like that envelope that is sent down sealed with a kiss
And each day I grow to love you more and more
This is a feeling that can never be compared to anything that I've felt before
So be mine forever that is all I ask of you
And let heaven be ours forever, with an angel like you.

You are the reason why I have a smile to my face when I wake up
And you are there to make sure that it stays that way
You are the one who takes care of me when I fall down
And in your funny ways you always take care
From the laundry pile, to the messy dog
You act like there is no better place to be
Than our home and our family
And even when we drive you up against the wall
You just smile and give it your all
So when we have a day to be true
I just want to tell you how much I love you
All the mad hatters in the world cannot compare
To what you have in your brain over there
You know just when to say the right things
And you know very well the happiness it brings
So darling don't you ever dare to change a thing
Our home is a kingdom where you're the king.

These and many more of such funny anniversary poems can be a part of your wonderful anniversary celebrations.