First Anniversary Poems

Are you a first anniversary couple and wish to surprise your soul mate? Choose first anniversary couple Love poems. Celebrating the first anniversary of your love is the most perfect way to recall all the happy memories that you have spent together.

This celebration is very special as you can find some of the wonderful first anniversary couple love poems that are just apt for the situation. First anniversary love poems perfectly arrests the fun and loving time that you two have spent together and inspires you to be in this lovely and wonderful bonding till death apart you.

This is also a kind of love poems, but is different from regular love poems.

Best 1st Anniversary Couple Love Poems

Mentana : First Anniversary by Algernon Charles Swinburne

At the time when the stars are grey,
And the gold of the molten moon
Fades, and the twilight is thinned,
And the sun leaps up, and the wind,
A light rose, not of the day,
A stronger light than of noon.

As the light of a face much loved
Was the face of the light that clomb;
As a mother's whitened with woes
Her adorable head that arose;
As the sound of a God that is moved,
Her voice went forth upon Rome.

At her lips it fluttered and failed
Twice, and sobbed into song,
And sank as a flame sinks under;
Then spake, and the speech was thunder,
And the cheek as he heard it paled
Of the wrongdoer grown grey with the wrong.

"Is it time, is it time appointed,
Angel of time, is it near?
For the spent night aches into day
When the kings shall slay not or pray,
And the high-priest, accursed and anointed,
Sickens to deathward with fear.

First Anniversary by Andrew Marvell

Like the vain curlings of the watery maze,
Which in smooth streams a sinking weight does raise,
So Man, declining always, disappears
In the weak circles of increasing years;
And his short tumults of themselves compose,
While flowing Time above his head does close.

Cromwell alone with greater vigour runs,
(Sun-like) the stages of succeeding suns:
And still the day which he doth next restore,
Is the just wonder of the day before.
Cromwell alone doth with new lustre spring,
And shines the jewel of the yearly ring.

Dear love of mine
You are the greatest gift that a man can ever get
The kind in which two hearts entwine
And love is all that comes on the onset
We begin our life anew
And I'm sure there will be troubles few
But whenever on our path fearsome things will collide
I promise to be there by your side
So with love in my heart I tell you today
That I promise to love you, each and every single day.

They say when two hearts meet
There is nothing but fireworks and that makes them complete
When I held your hand the first time as my other half
I knew that we had stumbled upon something special and this was just the start
I knew that with you true joy I'd find
Because our love is one of a kind
I love you much more than words can say
And promise to be with you in every way
I am yours to keep forever and always.

When I first got on my knees and asked you to marry me
I knew that it was the beginning to something special
And when you said yes to marrying me I confess
My heart skipped a beat in joy for our togetherness
There never was and never will be another for me
Who can make me feel happy and complete
And as we complete our first year together
I promise I'll love you always and leave you never
You have brought a ray of light into my life
And I know now that you by my side is all that I can ever need
So thank you for being there with me
And I promise that each day that we are together will be perfection indeed.

I had never thought that life would bring
Happiness to me in the form of a wedding ring
And when we said our vows to be together forever more
Something in my heart just burst forth in delight
I knew that in you I had found my guiding light
So as we celebrate one year of being happy together
I promise you that I will keep you happy forever after
I shall try my best to keep that smile on your face last
And make all the unhappiness a thing of the past
I pray that we just get to stay
In love like this forever and one day
So thank you for choosing me as the one for you
And I promise that to you I shall be always true.

They say that true love lasts forever and that lovers find a way
I can only vouch by what we have and how love is here to stay
A year we've spent together, but it feels like just yesterday
When we took the plunge and decided that love could not be any other way
Now that we are together, you and I
There will be no tears and no lies
I have built a home with you and want you to stay
So believe me when I tell you that I love you in every possible way.