Christian Anniversary Poems and Songs

Christian wedding anniversary is that special occasion which you celebrate to remember the day when you and your loved one had taken the vows of love and companionship.

On this day, you spend reminiscing about how this journey of marital bliss was spent your loved one. Christian anniversary poems help you to remember this heavenly day of your life and to feel the excitement of being married, all over again.

Christian marriages are like fairytales. But the beautiful day just comes and goes. No worries, as Christian wedding anniversaries help you to re-live that moment when you had said "I do" to your soul mate.

Best Christian Anniversary Poems

Christian anniversary poems are one of the best ways to convey your feelings to your sweetheart on this auspicious day.

You can also use these beautiful Christian anniversary poems to congratulate your friend or family member on their marriage anniversary. Some of the interesting poems for this occasion include:

Anniversary Song By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

WHY pacest thou, my neighbour fair,

The garden all alone?
If house and land thou seek'st to guard,

I'd thee as mistress own.

My brother sought the cellar-maid,

And suffered her no rest;
She gave him a refreshing draught,

A kiss, too, she impress'd.

My cousin is a prudent wight,

The cook's by him ador'd;
He turns the spit round ceaselessly,

To gain love's sweet reward.

We six together then began

A banquet to consume,
When lo! a fourth pair singing came,

And danced into the room.

Welcome were they,--and welcome too

Was a fifth jovial pair.
Brimful of news, and stored with tales

And jests both new and rare.

For riddles, spirit, raillery,

And wit, a place remain'd;
A sixth pair then our circle join'd,

And so that prize was gain'd.

And yet to make us truly blest,

One miss'd we, and full sore;
A true and tender couple came,--

We needed them no more.

The social banquet now goes on,

Unchequer'd by alloy;
The sacred double-numbers then

Let us at once enjoy!

If I had to ask god for just one thing
I know I would ask to keep you forever and a day
You are the one who makes me feel like the season of May
And you're the one who can everything seem right
With you in my life all days seem bright
Amidst the winters you can bring spring
And that's why you are my reason for everything
I am blessed to have found you and I thank God each day
For giving us another year together and all these days
You are the reason why my heart begins to sing
When I think of you and all the joys you bring
So be with forever and I promise to love you
Promise to keep you happy and be there for you.

The lord knew how lonely this world could be
That's why he made the perfect partner and then chose you for me
The day you said I knew for sure
That the choicest blessings will be mine forever more
You give me hope, courage and the strength
To make in through anything and everything
And I know now for sure that all we can be
Is thankful for having found each other in the hour of need
So now that we have a another year to celebrate our love
I know for sure that this is meant to be
I was meant for you as you were meant for me.

True love lasts a life time, as they say
And I thank god that I have you in my life
It means to me more than I can say
You are the reason why I can still get up in the morning and smile
You are my reason that makes this life seem worthwhile
Through storms and harsh weather, I managed to find you
You are the reason why I'm here
There could never be anyone but you
So now that we're here all that I can say
Is that I thank the lord for brining you my way
If that fateful day, you hadn't crossed my path
I would still be loveless, hopeless and without a start
You have brought meaning to my life and I can now tell you
How much you mean to me and all I want to do is love you.

God made Eve from Adam's ribs
For he knew the truth that a woman knows from the crib
She alone holds the power to make a house a home
And you know that a man's heart belongs there, no matter wherever he may roam
There is no higher a power in the world that can say otherwise
Your love is a gift that god has sent
To make sure that he makes his presence be known
So when my love you said you'll be mine
The joy in my heart knew no bounds and I was on cloud nine.
I love you and never want to let go
So let's be together forever and build happy memories together.

How to present these Christian anniversary poems ?

Such nice Christian anniversary poems can be presented in many ways. Some of which are:
  1. In Greeting cards: Anniversary poems can be written in hand-picked cards and gifted to the couple who are celebrating their big day.

  2. Balloons: Colorful balloons can have these amazing Christian anniversary poems too. You can decorate the rooms with pretty balloons which has these lovely poems written in them.

  3. On decorative items: You can write these nice poems on decorative pieces like a flower vase, a white wall hanging plate, a pot and so on.

There can be many other ways in which you can present these amazing Christian anniversary poems.

Anniversary should be day of good wishes and celebrations. What best than having an anniversary with lots of such emotional Christian anniversary poems.