50th Wedding Anniversary Poems

Spending 50 years of your life with your better half is by itself a marvelous affair. Having a golden jubilee is like a gift from the Almighty. What can be best than celebrating such a fantastic companionship with the help of 50th anniversary poems.

You should congratulate a couple who have stood the test of time for as long as 50 years. These couples are really lucky to have been with each other for so many years. Therefore, celebrating or being a part of such a couple's marriage anniversary is an honor.

50th anniversary poems help you convey your best wishes to this couple and celebrate the long years of togetherness.

Golden Anniversary Poems

Couples with such an amazing companionship certainly deserve to be praised. In this life of constant worries and problem, it is indeed becoming difficult to keep the fire of love burning. Such pairs impart inspiration to all other couples. Therefore, their special day of anniversary should be celebrated with pomp and show.

Your feelings are very important to such as couple who now need your best wishes for their many more years of togetherness. And if that lucky couple's you, all you need to do is compliment your true soul mate for his/ her mind-blowing company.

Some of the excellent 50th anniversary poems are:

Today is the time to make time rewind
And think of the day you vowed "I do" with pride
For 50 golden years is a time you have cherished
And kept your relationship alive without a blemish
All the years that you have spent side by side
Makes this special Golden Day come even more alive
For each year has give you memories to share
And dreams that you made come true with dare
This gives your relationship a strength that is true
To make this day a super happy one for you.

Sharing fifty years of memories
Is worth an immense treasure
From big events to everyday trivia
All those that have given you sorrow and pleasure
All the tears that life brought in the way for you
And all the joys that knew no bound
One by one you took each year
To further strengthen your bond
As each year passed slow but steady
They have gifted you
A beautiful ride of time machine
Whenever you feel
That can take you in a jiffy
To that day when you
Blushingly stood at the alter
Very happy and gay.

A partnership that has crossed fifty milestones
Is rare to find
Your partnership is a loving team
That teaches us to value a relationship with pride
You have given each other a strong partnership
And no storm, wind or rough weather could
Make you abandon the ship
No ravages of time could tarnish your love
So even after fifty years
You are each other's dove
Your relationship will never feel dated or old
Since it has been blessed with a touch of gold
Your affection for one another has given time a miss
This is what has added most to your feeling of bliss.

Fifty years of togetherness
Earns you the fame
Of being the Golden couple
For sticking by the game
For half a century is a long time
To walk side by side
That is what makes this
Such an interesting ride
A wonderful journey began
Half a century ago
Where two people got tied
Without much ado
As we celebrate today those golden years
We raise our glass to toast
You a special three cheers
For this is to the special day
When you got for each other
A partner for work and play.

Fifty years ago it was a simple day
That was made special
By our union that stayed
Half a century ago we boarded a new bus
Geared up to take all the challenges
That life threw at us
Fifty years ago
When we were blushing couples
We were a little confused
But were ready to make
Our journey on the bus
Full of fun and frolic like a skilled art
No life is all bright
For clouds are bound to show
But we always dealt all that
Together by taking giant leaps
And by never drifting apart
For we have faced life in colors
Of every hue
And have seen seasons come and go
Like changing chapters of a book
This is what makes our relationship
Perfect and true.

There are many more sweet poems that bring a smile on the face of the couples who are celebrating their glorious 50 years of togetherness.

Ways of presenting 50th anniversary poems:

These 50th anniversary poems can find their way in the following:
  1. A beautiful Golden Jubilee card: This is one of the best ways to wish your loved one who has always been by your side for all these years. You can even gift a card to someone who is celebrating their 50 years of togetherness. The lovely 50th anniversary poems can be written in such cards and presented.

  2. Floating Plates: It is a great idea to write these beautiful poems on floating plates and let them float in the pools along with 50 beautiful floating candles. It looks great and also makes the couple feel honored by such a gesture of yours.

  3. Little colorful pamphlets: Surprise the couple with several colorful pamphlets that contain these lovely 50th anniversary poems. You can team these pamphlets with some lovely flowers too.

  4. Wear it on your tee-shirt: It is an excellent idea to write these beautiful 50th anniversary poems on your tee- shirts and see the couple feel special.

These ideas can be used along with many other unique ideas to celebrate this big day in the couple's life. 50th anniversary poems help you to convey your feelings to the couple and wish for their more years of togetherness.