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Love - Definition, Types and Expressions

Love happens to be the purest and perhaps the best feeling that a person can undergo in his/her life. They say that when you are in love, you get connected to the divine power spiritually as God chooses your heart as his place to reside. As rightly said by Plato; "At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet", every human soul on earth must fall in love once in lifetime. True love is the deepest sensation of affections towards the person you fall for.

When you are in love with someone, the entire ambience around you changes, you start liking flowers and chocolates, and you blush till red when you talk or listen about him/her! A magical aura gets created around you and you feel like being in heaven! Pure love turns the deadliest beast into a sweetest person - ask this to those who have been through this wonderful feeling of hearts-your question will not remain unanswered!

How to Define Love

Can you really define this deepest emotion felt only through hearts? It is difficult to "define" something as tender and as intense as love because it is an abstract feeling! Well, if you are in need of a definition, frame it as "A profoundly soft, yet warm feeling of deep affection for a person living or dead, seen or unseen and understood by heart only!" Difficult to define through words, this supreme feeling of human hearts can only be felt and understood. When you crave to be in proximity with someone special, like to listen to or speak about him/her, engross your mind in his/her thoughts, and spend sleepless nights - be rest assured that you are in love!

Some Famous Definitions of Love

Judith Wallerstein defines love as the "Attachment that results from deeply appreciating another's goodness"

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler depicts that "Giving leads to love" as opposed to the myth "love leads to giving".

Acording to Erich Fromm, "There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love". Martin Luther King,

Jr. says "Love is the most durable power in the world. This creative force is the most potent instrument available in mankind's quest for peace and security"

Hugh B. Brown depicts his feelings like- "Love is a tender plant; when properly nourished, it becomes sturdy and enduring, but neglected it will soon wither and die".

According to Renita Weems, "Love means exposing yourself to the pains of being hurt, deeply hurt by someone you trust".

Types of love

Through difficult to categorize, here are few ways to mark the differences:

Interpersonal Love: Refers to love between human beings, which is strongly bound by trust, and respect towards each other. Since love is a strong sentiment between two hearts, partners feel attached to each other emotionally. According to psychologists, an interpersonal love has three major components that act as a glue between a men with a woman (usually); they are intimacy, passion and commitment. Passion is the physical attraction between the two, whereas intimacy is the intensity of closeness in love, both mental as well as physical. Commitment is the final decision that binds them together for the finest future of the relationship- marriage.

Infatuation love: More commonly known as the "love at first sight", this one is common among young adults at tender ages. We all have a dream boy or a dream girl in our mind with which we live in our fantasy world. At times you may find one face quite similar to the boy of your dream and immediately get attracted to the individual. This sudden approach of likeness towards someone without knowing anything about him/her is usually short term and in most cases fail to stand up against the thrashes of real life. Often it happens that when the individuals start being intimate and knowing each other, the passion cools off and requirements don't match in between. That explains why infatuations can seldom turn into strong relationships.

Familial Love:Also known as filial love, it is the affection shared within the members of a family, like parent-child, among the siblings, and others. This can be considered the purest and happiest form of the superior feelings, as it contains no intentions/conditions behind it. In most of the families, filial love is a cause that binds the family members together, even if they are away from each other physically. When a child is born, the older siblings share their sole attention and love of parents with the newborn. He/she also starts loving the sister or brother as they hail from same parents and will be together for years sharing strong bonds of oneness and fraternity.

Eros: Refers to love that has strong connection to sexual needs or physical intimacy between two people who are attracted more towards each other physically than mentally. Appearances being the first thing to come between human being, this love emphasizes on physical traits. Looks matter to a lover when he feels "Eros" to a woman, and vice versa. It is mainly to some extent selfish in nature as a person loves the other more because he/she is similar to his/her dream boy or dream girl looks wise, even if the mental satisfaction lacks at certain places. Nature, mentality, personality go for a toss while looks and exteriors beauty comes forward in Eros. Eros usually doesn't last long as external beauty decays faster and the moment someone more attractive comes in front, old flames don't take much time to be blown off!

Romantic Love:A highly emotion clad, passionate feeling between two individuals, and when you wish to remain with your lover every time, every minute of the day- be rest assured you are in Romantic Love! Being in this love actually not only becomes blind, but deaf and dumb as well, because people usually overlook each other's shortcoming and flaws! Infatuation goes hand in hand with romantic love and sometimes may break like that as well! Based on pure fantasy this intense feeling of romance may be temporary as well, since often it fails to stand the blow of hardcore practicality of life together!

Philos Love:This love is based on pure feelings of friendship between two individuals. They say that the beginning of every relationship on earth is friendship, so is the end of each. Friendship is the rock solid foundation of every successful relationship and there is a fine line between friend and a lover, once you cross the line, your best friend may become your truest lover! When that happens, the love relationship can never fade as the foundation is the strongest! You start being friends, spend time with each other, start admiring qualities, miss the presence of the other, and develop strong never to die feelings about each other. Slowly and steadily, this converts into a Philos which is one of the strongest examples of love that can exist between hearts. Physical beauty matters the least then and it is the soul that touches the other, without being worried about the color of the skin or the structure of the face.

Platonic Love: Not many people can encounter this wonderful special feeling of love where no physical attractions exist among the two individuals involved in it. It is pure emotional and sometimes leads to spiritual high as well! This deep mental connectivity has least romantic attachment and hence considered to be divine and holy. No desire for seeing each other is there and it is the soul and mind of an individual that gets inspired and impressed by the inner beauty of the other person. Rare to find, but there are still some beautiful souls who can see God in the mind of his/her sweetheart and get indulged in Platonic form of affection.

Agape Love:Perhaps the highest form of love feelings that a human being can show to the other is Agape or unconditional love. When a person loves the other without asking for anything in return, when he/she doesn't even ask the other to reciprocate the feelings, that's unconditional and the purest. At its highest point, Agape lover will continue to love the other person without even letting him/her know that the feeling exists! This absolute selfless and unconditional form of emotion slowly raises itself to the divine power and brings a human soul closer to the almighty. Not everyone is capable of loving someone in such a selfless way; you need to have a heart made up of gold to grow this feeling!

Religious Love: If platonic love a step ahead towards the almighty, and then religious love is the full devotion and dedication to the supreme power. Some people get the internal bliss leaving all luxuries of life and dedicating their heart, mind, soul and live to God. This purest and unconditional love is called religious love and may remain sound and look mysterious for the onlookers. Ask those people who do spend their lives in taking HIS name and enjoying every minute of it. Not many are that blessed to go so close to the divine power in life and this feeling is priceless.

Expressions of Love

No definite rules can be followed to express what you feel for the special person in your life. Depending on the choice and nature of your honey, you can either make an official proposal with a letter and roses, or else make it a grand affair for him/her by bending down on knees for his/her consent. At times, teddy bear soft toys or small cotton made hearts given as priceless gifts might express the feelings for you. You can choose a secluded place to speak out your heart as well.Sometimes words are not needed at all, and your eyes break the silence.

Love Quotes:

Love quotes play an important role in expressing your feelings towards the individual. You can use a beautiful quote of love to add some garnish to your love life. They may bring a smile in his/her face as he/she goes on reading that. They come as fresh breath of air in relationship and always rejuvenate it.

  1. I can't think my life without you, but I can think of death without- I love you!
  2. Love is a supreme feeling between two hearts, one is mine; would you like to give yours as the other?
  3. You are the sun in my mornings, and the moon in my nights- wish to spend every hour of my life with you

Love Messages:

A message can make or break up- and this is quite relevant in today's world.Love messages exchanged between lovers play an important role as well to consolidate the relation through occasional exchange of emotions through them. Here are few samples of romantic love messages :

  1. If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I wish to use my last breath to express: I LOVE YOU!
  2. I met you- it was fate. I made you a friend- it was choice. I have fallen in love with you-it is beyond my control!
  3. I wish dreams could be like wishes, and if wishes comes true, because in my dreams, we are always together! I LOVE YOU.

Love Songs:

Songs have always been big boosters in any love relationship. Sometimes you can express your mind with a lovely song dedicated to your sweetheart or even control the adverse situations with an appropriate melody. You can also sometimes take the help of a good song to propose to him/her as well. Some good melodies of George Michael, Ricky Martin or Elton John can be chosen as appropriate choices for your honey. Love is in the air and you can capture it through great music. Look for some romantic numbers to impress your sweetie and rock your love life!

Love Poems:

Not everyone can be poetic while expressing love towards his/her beloved, but if you are, then you will be highly appreciated. Even the most practical and logical person on earth loves a little flattery and flowery verses in love life, hence don't hesitate to write those poetic verses while you feel like saying something to him/her. He/she will be appreciating it with a smile and that will make you happy as well.

I think of you each morning & dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me & cannot express my delight.

Love Letters:

Love can be expresses in thousand of formats one of them being a well written love letter. Sometimes, if you are unable to speak out your heart to someone, a love letter can bring the same effect, even more than what words can depict. It is the most romantic, timeless and classic way of expressing and maintaining love towards your honey.

Dear (your beloved's name)

I can't express how much I love you as each day passes by. You own my heart and soul and I feel so incomplete without you, time may come and go, but my will remain there forever, and ever, and ever.

Famous Love Stories

Have you ever thought why the concept of love is well accepted and appreciated worldwide? Love stories in real life have much contribution to it. For example, the truest of all time love story is of Romeo Juliet, which might have unpleasant ends but yet so famous and followed. One of the most moving love stories of all times is the story of Antony and Cleopatra, who were believed to have fallen in love at first sight. This outrageous love story ended in marriage despite all difficulties and threats. These famous examples give immense power to the love birds and motivate them to fall in love over and again.

Love stories inspire you a lot. They bring a sweet smile in your face and make you sail in a dream land of your own. You start imagining yourself and your partner I the role of the main protagonists and the entire ambience makes you happy and blissful.

There was girl who loved a boy so much she said to the boy, "If I told you that I liked you, would you take it as a joke?" The boy said, "Yes I would." She asked, "Why?" The boy replied, "Because I know you don't like me, I know you love me!"

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