When Our Eyes Met | Cute Love Poem

Our eyes met,
And then met our hearts.
We fell in love,
That never let us part.
You proposed me in a way that touched my soul,
The way you smiled when you looked at me, my heart you stole!
After facing all the struggles of life,
We got married and became husband and wife.
I promise to be your sunshine and brighten all your days,
So that you are happy and your lovely smile always stays.
Let’s promise to be together through all thick and thin,
Blessed by the Almighty, I am sure our love will always win!

3 thoughts on “When Our Eyes Met | Cute Love Poem

  1. Chamus

    Life isn’t about finding the best and perfect person…….It’s about finding the unperfect one and make him/her perfect according to what you want.Teach me how to live in the way you want and how forever be in that.

  2. Chamus

    Storms will come and go but my love will only remain 4u as my only one…How never let nor hear the cry of my angel.Always be there 4me and hw do the same.Help me change were have failed to change to create a better relationship.


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