Those First Dates


The movies that we watch together are so much like our own love story.
That evening, that date on the boat rowed our relationship towards glory!
This love is greater than the mountains that we enjoy watching together,
Eating the cheese cake from your hands at the coffee shop is a priceless pleasure!
Dancing in the club to our favorite tunes makes my heart dance with joy,
Playing with you in the snow like little kids is what I immensely enjoy!
The candlelit dinners always leave a romantic feeling lingering,
You never fail to amaze me with your clean sweep shots when we go for bowling!
Let’s enjoy the joyride of our life just the way we enjoy it at the amusement parks,
And let the meadows burn with the fire that our love sparks!
The thirst of desert seems to be get quenched when you are with me,
The beach turns into Heaven at sunset where I pray for this love to last till eternity!

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