Spice Up Your Relationship

spice your love life2


Those unexpected kisses thrilled every inch of me,
Getting sudsy in the tub together, turned on the heat!
One dance, the same closeness, took my breath away,
When you massaged my back, our fading love got a bright new ray!
Snuggling and cuddling, reading our favorite love story,
Chocolates to set the mood and take our love to newer heights of glory!
That much awaited vacation rekindled the flame of romance,
Watching the romantic sunset put us in a state of trance!
Naughtyily propped it up, I wanted to be taken over once again,
The bed was set, the ambiance got as addictive as cocaine!
The red dress still had the same magic..it turned you on,
We set the night on fire..it was our love’s new dawn!

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