When We Are Together..

Our togetherness is the spice of my life. It is what makes me look forward to every tomorrow. I can’t tell you how greedy I am for you. I don’t want you for a second, a minute, an hour or a day, I want you forever. When we are together, my life becomes beautiful, it gets its real meaning. When you are with me, I feel like I am on the top of this world. Being with you is what completes my life. Today, I wanna vent out the emotions that my  heart feels when we are together. Read on :




  • When we are together we can fight the whole world! 
  • When we are together I don’t want anyone to disturb us:) 
  • When we are together the world seems to be a much happier place:) 
  • When we are together it feels like I am living my best dream. 
  • When we are together I forget all my fears :)  
  • When we are together nothing else matters! 
  • When we are together I want time to freeze..and those moments to last forever. 
  • When we are together my heartbeat becomes faster;) 
  • When we are together the magic of your love takes over me completely and that’s when I lose myself;) 
  • When we are together the whole world seems to come to a standstill.

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