Our Togetherness Is Eternal

Togetherness is the essence that binds two souls into one! It’s not the bodies that stay together but  the souls that connect. For me, our togetherness is the only thing that matters to me. I just wanna let you know how madly I wait to be with you. Here are eleven reasons that makes this togetherness so special for me.

Our togetherness is eternal

Our togetherness is eternal

  1. When I wake up and see you looking at me and smiling, I feel myself to be the luckiest person on this Earth. ♥
  2. My breath was incomplete, heart beats were incomplete but in our togetherness, I feel complete:) 
  3. When I get sick and you take care of me, I feel so blessed to have a partner like you. Our Togetherness is beautiful. ♥
  4. When I sleep on the couch and find myself on the bed in the morning, all cozy and wrapped in your arms. Love our Togetherness ♥
  5. Its not about you and me, Its about two hearts, two souls, two thoughts, two dreams. All in Togetherness cherish our Love ♥
  6. The Togetherness that we share is the fuel that keeps the flame of our love burning. 
  7. I just wanna be with you, so that the whole world could see our Togetherness 
  8. When I hug you tightly and you hug me even tighter, the only thing I want in that moment is for it to last forever Togetherness ♥ 
  9. It’s all about the Togetherness of our hearts and souls..We belong together ♥ 
  10. In the end, what we’ll cherish is our Togetherness ♥ 
  11. Our Togetherness is the reason why I smile ♥

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