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Your Smile Means The World To Me

Do you know what drives me so crazy? It’s when you stretch your jaw and that curve comes up, that is when I lose myself completely! Does that sound too technical? Haha! Well, its your smile my sweetheart that makes me go absolutely bonkers. The moment you look at me and smile, believe me, the world seems to stop in that moment and it feels like I have entered a utopia. The wind seems to freeze and I go absolutely numb. The only wish that I wish for in that moment is for it to last forever.  Your smile means the world to me and you know why? Read the following :

Your Smile Is Magical

Your Smile Is Magical <3

  • Your smile did the magic and that magic is still on;) 
  • Your smile makes my heart miss a beat ;)  
  • Your smile is the drug I am addicted to :)  
  • Your smile puts the sunshine to shame :)  
  • Your smile ties the hands of the clock together ;)  
  • Your smile makes my night ;)  
  • It is all about your smile, the minute you smile, i experience bliss <3 
  • Your smile beats that of top 100 smiles ever seen on celluloid :) 
  • Your smile is the reason for my success ;)  
  • As long as your smile showers on me, God would remain on my side :)  
  • Your smile is the mirror of your wonderful personality. Never loose it. 
  • Your smile is the definition of my peace:) 
  • Your smile pacifies me whenever I am frustrated because of anything. 
  • Your smile makes my heart melt like chocolate! 
  • Your smile is contagious! It makes me also smile with you :)  
  • Your smile is what I seek when I get depressed. 
  • Your smile is my pillar of strength! 
  • Your smile is what brightens my day!
  • Finally I realized What makes a bitter coffee sweet. Its your smile:)