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Your Candy Lips

I had never thought I could be so crazy about something in life but to my surprise, I am. I am madly addicted to your lips! They make me feel out of this world. Every kiss is a heavenly experience that leaves me craving for more and more of such kisses. The magic lies in your tender soft lips. The warmth of that first peck makes me melt like chocolate melts with the heat of the sun. I just can’t resist them, want to lock them with mine forever. Your lips are the most beautiful thing I have ever come across in my life. Although I know these words are too less to express the beauty of your prized feature, still I wanna try. Read on :

your lips

  • Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk!
  • Your lips make my heart naughty ;)
  • Your lips make me shiver even on the hottest days!
  • Your lips are the medicine that relaxes my mind and pacifies my soul :)
  • I feel alive whenever your lips rub against mine!
  • Your lips are the sweetest gift God could bless me with ;)
  • Your lips are the only dessert I wish to have for the rest of my life!
  • Your lips make me loose my control.
  • Your lips make me dream all night!
  • Your lips are the reason why I can’t concentrate on my work anymore!
  • When you press your lips on my cheek, I feel on the top on this world!
  • Your lips with mine, isn’t it the perfect combination?
  • Your lips are like salted water. No matter how much I kiss them, the thirst doesn’t get quenched!
  • I want to take my last breath with your lips on mine!
  • I love the way you kiss me. I am totally addicted to your lips.
  • Your lips are the only treasure that give me eternal pleasure!