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Thoughts of you are in bloom .!!

Loving thoughts of you are in bloom I am so glad to have you in my life and I wanted tou to know you bless my thoughts with happiness.It makes me feel better just to close my eyes and think of you …..

On my wishlist

I will always love you:)

My heart filled with thoughts of you !!
Me wrapped up in sweet thoughts of you !!
Thoughts of you brings me warm and fuzzy feelings!!
Thoughts of you may recede for a time but they are bound to come crashing back again & again!!
Thoughts of you keep coming all the time
Thoughts of you are flooding my mind.
Thoughts of you make me smile
Thoughts of you never leave my mind, sweetheart I miss you.
Thoughts of you are always in my heart …
I will spend whole day with happy thoughts of you ..

Thinking about you !!!

It is said that every human being has over 60000 thoughts everyday but only a few are special because of the people in those thoughts which bring a smile.shutterstock_142874596

Thinking about you all the time.
Thinking about you is my favorite hobby,
Thinking about you is like a spring you bring love and joy to everything.
Thinking about you like crazy.
Thinking about you I stay awake all night.
I just like Thinking about you .
You may be out of my sight but never out of my mind .Thinking about you.
I spend lot of time just thinking about you.
Thinking about you just as I often do
Trying to keep calm but cant stop thinking about you