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11 Things I Love About You

I still remember the first time we met. I was so nervous! Your very sight gave me goosebumps. As you came closer and stood right in front of my eyes, everything seemed to be so majestic. It felt as if the most beautiful dream of my life came true. The man of my dreams was right in front of me. You made my heart dance with joy and as you hugged me, i melted in your arms to take the place that is mine, only mine.

From there till here, it has been a wonderful journey and you know what made it wonderful? You! With every passing second, I discovered new things and new shades that continued to make me drool and lose myself! Today, I am totally captivated! I am in love with you, truly, madly and deeply.

If I were to tell you what makes my heart beat faster whenever you say those three magical words, I would go absolutely mum, because I can’t describe the way you have touched my soul and stolen my heart. Thanks for being such a wonderful soul that you are. I am absolutely in love with you and all the little things of love that you do for me. Here are those 11 things that I love the most about you :

I love with you forever

I love you because you are “you’ <3

  1. When you kiss me in front of everyone! 
  2. When you say that you see your future in my eyes:) 
  3. When you whisper those three magical words in my ear while I am sleeping:) 
  4. When you call me with all those cute nicknames:) 
  5. After every fight that we have you tell me how much you love me, how much you want me:) 
  6. When you say sorry for your mistakes in such a cute way that it melts my heart. 
  7. Whenever I am upset, you hug me in the perfect way and make me smile:) 
  8. You always listen to me patiently no matter how silly my talk would be, you always lend me your ears:) 
  9. When you get overprotective for me <3 
  10. When you move your fingers through my hair when I am sleeping next to you..just love it!
  11. When everyone leaves me alone, you are the only one who stays and stands by me.