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The Truth About My Love | Love Phrases

People often make fun of me when they see me smiling for no reason. How do I tell them the truth about my love? Will they be able to understand what my heart says, what my eyes radiate, what my soul feels? No, they won’t! But I know, you can! Here are some of those secret truths that I had hidden in my heart and want you to know today. Read on :


1.One truth about me – I am gone totally insane & it’s not because I have lost my senses but because i see you everywhere, all the time!
2.I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have and I always will. The ultimate truth of my life!
3.The only truth I know is that you have completely taken over me!
4.There’s another truth about me which is that I have never and will never love anyone except you, my first & last love, its you!
5.There is just one truth that i find true and it’s that there’s no one like you! I am crazy for you.
6. If you could read the truth behind my eyes, you would know how badly I miss you!
7.If I could tell you the truth that my heart beholds you would come to know there’s no one else who’ll ever love you like I do!
8.The truth of my life is that I am madly in love with you!