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I am sorry my love!

I am sorry poems

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while.
I know you made one too, and I know I refused to smile.
You gave me roses and I refused to see.
I know I didn’t listen to you even when you got down on one knee.
I told you that you were breaking my heart.
Even the kids could see that it was tearing us apart.
Our little boy came with a placard about you.
Our little angel told us that she is sorry from your side and she loves you too.
Maybe it was when they re-enacted a scene about us.
Your miss you note melt me and I knew I could not fuss.
I left an I love you note for you to say it was all right.
You held my face in your hands and told me that you didn’t want to fight.
We hugged each other and knew that it was love, where passions flare so high, sometimes it gets tough.