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Let’s Make A Night To Remember | Romantic Love Poem


Baby, let’s get high and set this night on fire,
To wake up in each other’s arms tomorrow, my secret desire!
Let me walk you through the memories of our very first date,
Where you stole my heart and proposed me to be your soulmate:)
As we sit and watch this romantic sunset today,
I smile to myself and wonder, how an angel like you came my way :)
You’ve made my life a series of sweet moments to remember,
Where every single day has some fond memory, be it January or December;)
Now promise me my love that you’ll watch every sunset with me,
And every sunrise, as I’ll wake you up with the morning tea:)
To celebrate the happiness and togetherness of the special, “we”..
Your love is the cool breeze that soothes my heart,
And I just pray we always be together, till death do us part:(