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The Magic of Love


When others studied biology, loveology was what made sense to us,
No matter what people had to say, we were always in love, even in the public bus!
Movies were an excuse to hold your hand and feel your touch,
Those long drives, prolonged chats, was what I loved very much!
Rowing the boat while dreaming of our future gave us immense pleasure,
The candlelit dinners with a sweet kiss as dessert are my life’s true treasure!
Our love was growing even higher than the Eiffel Tower,
The train journeys became memorable because of the love that you showered!
Every game in the stadium became uninteresting when our love story reached its goal,
A happily married couple that loved each other’s soul.
Those long flights became short with you by my side,
I love to take care of you, in you my whole world resides!