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Romance Beyond Sunset | Eternal Love Poems


As the sun goes down, romance spreads in the air above,
And the sky starts melting with the blush of our love!
The golden rays of the sun awaken my deepest dreams,
Where I wanna hold you close while the rosiness streams in.
The colors of our love paint the sky with different shades,
That makes my love deeper than any cascade.
The feeling of belonging to you gives me an eternal satisfaction,
Your love drives me so crazy, I see you in every direction.
The serenity of this settling sun fades in front of your face,
Let our souls unite now and lips engage in a unique embrace.
I wanna hold you tight and love you like never before,
Ignite the flame of passion and let the fragrance of our love restore.
This is the moment I had waited for all this while, when you’ll be mine forever, till the end of time