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What Is a Relationship?

Whenever I ask people about the true definition of a relationship, I get to hear some very interesting replies. While some believe that a relationship means staying together with your partner, the others say it is about having someone special who cares for you and loves you at every single moment of your life. For me, relationship means living every single second of my life in your arms, loving you madly, laughing with you, crying with you, being silly with you, in short, it means ‘You’.

Although I know I won’t be able to describe it perfectly, but still have tried to express what this relationship means to me in the following seven ways. Read on :

Beauty of our relationship

Beauty of our relationship

1.Relationship means sharing and caring…closeness and commitment.
2.Relationship means not to die for your beloved, but to live your whole life with him/her.
3.What relationship means to me is to make you feel special in every best moment of our life:)
4.A relationship means loving your partner unconditionally.
5.Relationship means everything when you have someone special who fills the empty space in your life with love <3
6.Relationship means trusting your partner and believing that they will never make you regret it <3
7.Relationship means falling in love with the same person a million times :)