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Those Little Moments Of Love

If I were to count the reasons for which I love you, I would end up at infinity because I love you for endless reasons. You make every moment special for me by seasoning it with your love. There are a few favorite moments of mine when I find myself drooling over you like crazy! I just can’t stop myself from falling in love you. You make my heart melt like chocolate. Here are those 8 moments that I totally love and wish they keep coming back every now and then. Read on :


Those priceless moments that make my life so precious <3

1.I love it when you look deep into my eyes like you’re gonna kiss me and then give a gentle peck on my forehead..aww its so cute :)
2.I love it when you lift me in your arms and walk around the entire house ;)
3.I love it when we fight for the last bite of our favorite cherry cake. I always give up to see you enjoying it like a little kid.
4.I love it when you fall asleep in my arms:)
5.I love it when you send me long text messages, they make me feel that you wanna talk to me.
6.I love it when you take care of me whenever I fall sick.
7.I I love it when you ask me why I love you so much:)
8.I love it when you hold me in your arms <3