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Waiting for you .

A lotus waits for the first light of the moon I am waiting for your love to fill me till the last breath of mine…


Waiting for you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
I hate myself for still waiting for you.
I have died everyday waiting for you
Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in drought.
I think a part of me will always be waiting for you.
I want to be the one you are waiting for not the one waiting for you.
Broken heart always crying waiting for you saying its impossible to forget you.
Waiting for someone you love is never easy.
You are amazing,unique my life is waiting for you .
I am waiting for someone who thinks I am their princess

Me without you !!

You have always been there by my side through all the moments of my life … Can’t Imagine ‘Me Without You’


Me without you is like the moon without stars.
Me without you is like Google with no results.
Me without you is like a sun that doesn’t shine.
Me without you is like Facebook with out friends.
Me without you is like a body with no life.
Me without you is like you tube without videos.
Me without you is like a life with no purpose.
Me without you is like a heart that doesn’t beat.
Me without you is like sentence without spaces.
Me without you is like moon that doesn’t glow.

I miss you ….:-(

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I am sorry

I miss you whenever we are apart I just can’t wait to see you.
I miss you I just want to squeeze you tight and never let you go.
I miss you I just wanna cover you with kisses.
I miss you please hurry back into my arms.
I miss you only on two occasions,Day & Night .
I miss you when I look at pictures of you not to remind me off but to make me feel as I am with you.
I miss you every minute of every day .
I miss you and the way you listen and care.
I miss you as soon as I wake up..
I miss you when something really good happens,because I want to share it with you

Missing you my love !!

You my sweet love,I miss ever so much.The softness of your lips,And your warm loving touch.You are the love of my life,
That you’ll always be.The special times we share,Just mean everything to me.Each day I find happiness,
So much joy and laughter.Knowing that soon we’ll be together,And living happily ever after.82154102(1)

Missing you is like missing life.
Missing you like crazy
Missing you is my hobby
Missing you is like missing sunrise every morning.
Missing you is like I am lost withour you !!
Missing you is like desert without rain.
Missing you nothing can take your place .
Missing you lots
Missing you is like breathing .
Missing you whenever you are apart ,but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

Missing You My Love

When you are with me, life seems to be at its best. When you are not with me, life loses its meaning. I miss you so badly that I just can’t sleep, I just can’t get over your thoughts. I have been captivated. I miss you more and more each day! Wanted to let you know how incomplete I am without you.

Missing you

Missing you

1.Think of those moments when you were here in my arms, so close to my heart, how beautiful it was! Missing you :(
2.My heart will miss you till the time all my blood drop to tears…Missing you
3.Thinking about our first meeting, our first kiss, our first hug..Those few moments are now my reasons for living. Missing you a lot.
4.When you were with me, you made me smile more than anyone else could. Missing you a lot.
5.Missing you is my favorite hobby ;)


I Miss You Like Crazy!

My love, you are driving me crazy! I just don’t know why do I miss you so much. There isn’t a single minute that flies without making me miss you. You are the drug and I am totally addicted to you. Here are those 7 moments when I miss you the most, moments that don’t let me sleep, moments that make me so insatiable for your love that in that moment, the only thing I wish for is you to come to me and take me in your arms. Read on :

Missing you

Miss the moments that I spent with you

1.The moment I close my eyes, I see your face. The moment I open my eyes, I see your face. OMG! I miss you like crazy!
2.I miss you when I am working and suddenly come across a romantic picture of a couple. Wish you were here.
3.Even though you are not with me, but your sweet memories will always be there with me. I miss you.
4.I miss you when we are talking over the phone and I close my eyes to remember the moments I spent with you.
5.When I see moon, I see you. When I see stars, I see you. When I see the sun, I see you. When I see myself in the mirror, I see you. I miss you all the time.
6.I miss you till the moon and back.
7.I miss you when I get back home after spending a lovely day with you.

OMG! Why Do I Miss You So Much?

I don’t know why i miss you so much but I do know when all i miss you, here are few of those moments where loving you so badly hurts me equally badly. Love you my dear, miss you my dear.

I Miss You

Missing you badly

  • When I see little girls dressed up like angels..You were and will always be my angel, my number one.
  • When I have your favorite pastry all alone..Miss the way we used to fight for the cherry on the top of that pastry.
  • When I still shout from the bathroom for my towel but then realize you are no longer there to give it to me :(
  • When I see couples shopping for each other…
  • Your voice was the only music I liked to hear all the time. a lot..
  • When someone asks me if I have ever been in love..Shall I refer them to you because its u who taught me how to love, truly, madly!
  • when I lie all alone in the bed staring at the ceiling and remembering how we used to cuddle, how we use to love..miss u
  • Thinking of you makes my day and dreaming of you makes my night. In short you are my life..:)
  • I wish to see a day when I pray to forget you and that pray will have your name in it..:)
  • When you don’t wrap me in your arms when its cold outside and I forget to take my jacket. Love the warmth of your love <3
  • When I listen to any romantic song..The lyrics somehow always relate to us <3
  • When I get low and hug a pillow to cry:( Miss your hug, miss your arms, miss your shoulders..
  • When I sleep on the couch waiting for you to come back and in the morning find myself still on the couch only..
  • I wake up in the night, not because I suffer from any illness, but because .
  • When I drive and you don’t run your fingers through my hair.
  • I always remember the little mischief that you used to do with me. and always will.
  • When you don’t sit on my tummy and fight with me.
  • When you don’t hug me as soon as I return from the office.
  • When I don’t see any updates from you in my news feed.
  • When I look at my mobile but there aren’t any new notifications of missed calls or messages in it.
  • When my phone doesn’t vibrate every ten minutes with a sweet message from you, i miss your messages :(