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OMG! Why Do I Miss You So Much?

I don’t know why i miss you so much but I do know when all i miss you, here are few of those moments where loving you so badly hurts me equally badly. Love you my dear, miss you my dear.

I Miss You

Missing you badly

  • When I see little girls dressed up like angels..You were and will always be my angel, my number one.
  • When I have your favorite pastry all alone..Miss the way we used to fight for the cherry on the top of that pastry.
  • When I still shout from the bathroom for my towel but then realize you are no longer there to give it to me :(
  • When I see couples shopping for each other…
  • Your voice was the only music I liked to hear all the time. a lot..
  • When someone asks me if I have ever been in love..Shall I refer them to you because its u who taught me how to love, truly, madly!
  • when I lie all alone in the bed staring at the ceiling and remembering how we used to cuddle, how we use to love..miss u
  • Thinking of you makes my day and dreaming of you makes my night. In short you are my life..:)
  • I wish to see a day when I pray to forget you and that pray will have your name in it..:)
  • When you don’t wrap me in your arms when its cold outside and I forget to take my jacket. Love the warmth of your love <3
  • When I listen to any romantic song..The lyrics somehow always relate to us <3
  • When I get low and hug a pillow to cry:( Miss your hug, miss your arms, miss your shoulders..
  • When I sleep on the couch waiting for you to come back and in the morning find myself still on the couch only..
  • I wake up in the night, not because I suffer from any illness, but because .
  • When I drive and you don’t run your fingers through my hair.
  • I always remember the little mischief that you used to do with me. and always will.
  • When you don’t sit on my tummy and fight with me.
  • When you don’t hug me as soon as I return from the office.
  • When I don’t see any updates from you in my news feed.
  • When I look at my mobile but there aren’t any new notifications of missed calls or messages in it.
  • When my phone doesn’t vibrate every ten minutes with a sweet message from you, i miss your messages :(