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You are special !!!

Love has power to drive you crazy and being in love is the most beautiful feeling. A 71085408Cute  expression of love goes a long way in making your sweetheart’s day special .

Being with you is like having every single wish of me come true.
Being with you is a gift while loving you is Precious.
Being with you is the greatest pleasure.
Love is being with you.
Being with you keeps me alive.
Being with you makes me know I am worth something.
Happiness is being with you .
Th thought of being with you tomorroe give me the strength to go on today .
Being with you my life seems so colorful.
Being with you means everything to me.

You are Special!!

Life encounters many.but it’s the someone very special that leaves a mark on your heart and mind.!!71085393

You are the one I am thinking every night !
You are the one I think of you when I hug my pillow tight!
You are the one I dream of when I sleep at night.
You are the one that helps me to make things right
You are the one I want to cheer me on through my life.
You are the one that showed me what love really means.
You are the one I have been searching for.
You are the one I love.!
You are the one special to me.
You are the one who can improve your life by thinking and feeling the right thing.!!

Madly in Love !

When you want to spend the rest of life with someone very special ..You want to start the rest of life as soon as possible.Love has power to drive you crazy.


My love for you grows and grows
My love for you is forever.
My love for you keeps increasing every second.
My love for you is like snow falling countless.
My love for you is my deep desire.
My love for you is everything.
I give you my love.
You are my love,my dream, my life.
My love just for you.
My love is true..