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I want to be with you !!!!

Anyone can make you happy by doing something special but only someone special can make you happy without doing anything!!!


I want to be in your arms
I want to feel your touch.
I want to hold your hand
I want to hug you tightly
I want to be with you always
I want to be in my life forever.
I want to love you.
I want to sleep around you.
I want to kiss you.
I want you to be happy but I want to be the reason.

Tempted To Be Touched!

I am crazy for you! I am always tempted to touch you, your hands, your hair, your lips, your body, your heart! But more than that, I love to be touched by you because your touch is magical. It is contagious. You touch me once and then leave me craving for more and more of you. There is something special about your touch and today I am going to tell you what is that something special. Read on :


1.When you touch me my heart skips a beat..my lips become numb..all that they want is the warmth of your body and the embrace of your lips;)
2.When you touch me i feel like the most beautiful girl in this world:)
3.When you touch me I feel loved..
4.When you touch me the animal in me wakes up and then I just feel like hunting you down..eating you..loving you ;)
5.When you touch me I die in your arms..I don’t ever want you to stop touching me because that’s what keeps my heart beating:)
6.When you touch me I lose myself…
7.When you touch me I feel blessed to have a partner like you <3
8.When you touch me I feel perfect :)
9.When you touch me it sends a shiver down my spine!
10.I melt when you touch me :)
11.When you touch me I feel complete!
12.When you touch me I feel the intensity of your love for me..and believe me..it completely blows me away!