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My Heaven Is In Your Arms | Romantic Love Poem

My Heaven Is In Your Arms

If I had to describe what joy means to me, I would say it’s falling asleep in your arms.
Where my eyes witness an aura filled with sheer bliss,
The euphoria that my heart enters is more intense than the most passionate kiss!
The way your arms caress my back is no less than an ecstacy,
It feels like I am living my wildest fantasy!
Your heart is the paradise where I always want to dwell,
Let me indulge in your love madly, come cast a spell.
Having you as my lover instills immense pride in me,
It’s an absolute delight to belong to you and become the special ‘we’.
The way you pamper me is the only treasure that I treasure,
And the honor of being loved by you is what gives me pleasure.
I have found my best friend, I have found my lover, You are my everything, my only lover!