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Spice Up Your Relationship

spice your love life2


Those unexpected kisses thrilled every inch of me,
Getting sudsy in the tub together, turned on the heat!
One dance, the same closeness, took my breath away,
When you massaged my back, our fading love got a bright new ray!
Snuggling and cuddling, reading our favorite love story,
Chocolates to set the mood and take our love to newer heights of glory!
That much awaited vacation rekindled the flame of romance,
Watching the romantic sunset put us in a state of trance!
Naughtyily propped it up, I wanted to be taken over once again,
The bed was set, the ambiance got as addictive as cocaine!
The red dress still had the same magic..it turned you on,
We set the night on fire..it was our love’s new dawn!

When Our Eyes Met | Cute Love Poem

Our eyes met,
And then met our hearts.
We fell in love,
That never let us part.
You proposed me in a way that touched my soul,
The way you smiled when you looked at me, my heart you stole!
After facing all the struggles of life,
We got married and became husband and wife.
I promise to be your sunshine and brighten all your days,
So that you are happy and your lovely smile always stays.
Let’s promise to be together through all thick and thin,
Blessed by the Almighty, I am sure our love will always win!

Romance Beyond Sunset | Eternal Love Poems


As the sun goes down, romance spreads in the air above,
And the sky starts melting with the blush of our love!
The golden rays of the sun awaken my deepest dreams,
Where I wanna hold you close while the rosiness streams in.
The colors of our love paint the sky with different shades,
That makes my love deeper than any cascade.
The feeling of belonging to you gives me an eternal satisfaction,
Your love drives me so crazy, I see you in every direction.
The serenity of this settling sun fades in front of your face,
Let our souls unite now and lips engage in a unique embrace.
I wanna hold you tight and love you like never before,
Ignite the flame of passion and let the fragrance of our love restore.
This is the moment I had waited for all this while, when you’ll be mine forever, till the end of time

You Are My Holiday Romance | Romantic Love Poem


Amidst the busy boring schedules of life, we decided to take a break,
To rekindle the flame of our love, a million memories to make!
From massages to suntans, we took all chances,
Wet lips and kisses to those naughty glances;)
Remembered those days and our silly love talks,
Relived our best moment, the thrilling underwater lip lock!
Wandering in the meadows singing our favorite songs,
Melting in each other’s arms, where we truly belonged!
The same proposal spread the same magic once again,
Love had taken over us by then, we became completely insane!
Forgot the champagne, forgot the dinner, all we really wanted was each other,
That night, that holiday romance, those moments will be cherished forever!

Timeless Love | Romantic Love Poem


Were we too young? Were we too old?
To understand those true emotions and treat them like gold…
From the little school kids, we were now highschool darlings…
College nurtured our love and it became never ending!
Work became fun and life, a joyride with you by my side…
Finally came that moment when you proposed me to be your bride:)
Those six months of courtship, shy meetings, distressful farewells…
Renewed our love forever and rang the wedding bells…
The way you took care of me when I was pregnant…
Signified you’re not only the perfect partner but an excellent parent…
We’re at fifty, yet you love me like it was at twenty one…
Want to love you till my last breath, you’ll always be my number one!